I pretty much stayed off of SL most of the day today.  Just watched some television and cleaned.  Events of the past week are starting to hit me and it has always amazed me how a relationship on SL that is only SL can affect your RL.  I honestly think unless you are just in SL to RP and there is NONE of your RL self in your avatar, they always do.  Friendships or relationships that tend to be more romantic in nature.  They do take their toll, good or bad on your RL.  At least for me they do and I know they do for those I surround myself with. My expectation with how I was going to feel this week is nothing like it actually is.  I just have to take more care of myself and let myself grieve and concentrate on all the good and all I have to be grateful for, including and most especially the past 6 months.

bellakustom91_001Staying completely away from SL isn’t the answer for me. I have too much invested in this crazy virtual world to walk away completely.  I was always amazed by those people who, after going through a rough time, just trash an avi and start with a new one. Maybe I have an unhealthy attachment to Bella.  Even on those rare occasions I log into my alt, Magdalena, I feel weird.  It’s not me…it’s not who I am.  Taking less time in the world here is important though…regardless of your mood.  Anyhoo, I digress.  After seeing Caoimhe Lionheart’s blog today I thought, I have some Linden and it seems like there is some cute stuff at Kustom9 and I have never been there before, let me go there.  All I can say is “meh”.  I wasn’t impressed.  I’m wearing exactly all the items there I thought were cute.  I don’t have patience for the myriad of sales rooms on the grid any longer. Fighting the lag, people just sitting on the floor (I thought that was classy when I saw that.   Sure – people are trying to get in, but please, just plop your mesh ass on the floor and squat, not like anyone else exists). I expect to be WOWed when I go to them (which is why I love FaMESHed) and very rarely I am.  It’s like gatchas.  I’m like “Bye Felicia”.  Over them.

bellakustom92_001So, I picked up the hair, the skirt, the dress, the shoes and the eyes at Kustom9.  I don’t know how to take very good close ups of my avi’s face, so this is the picture that didn’t suck the most.  Everything today just annoyed me.  Finding a pose (pencil skirts in sl have always been a bitch, but mesh pencil skirts are the worst cause very rarely are the INSIDE of items textured, mostly they are alpha layers so they look all wonky from certain angles and blah blah blah)  After fighting the lag at Kustom9 (even after derendering and blacklisting everyone who was there and turning my draw distance down), I didn’t want to go pose shopping.  It’s just one of those days where you hate everything you own.  I am not gonna say this is all cause of the past week.   Aunt Flo is on her way for her monthly constitutional in my reproductive system, so I MAY be a wee bit hormonal too. (FYI Guys…we girls are allowed to say that’s why we are slightly crazy…you are not).

bellakustom9shoes_001Now let me say, that the stuff at Kustom9 was cute…but honestly, not worth the money some were charging.  I am super picky about my hair texture and right now I am not impressed with some of the newer stores and what they are coming out with.  But for some reason people go INSANE over them and I’m like um….this has the same texture as Cake back in 2009, the only difference is that it is on mesh instead of a sculptie or flexi prim.  I did think the skirt was highly awesome and much like in RL, I can never say no to a fuzzy soft sweater.  I have been using these custom mesh eyes that a friend recommended to me about 7 months ago, but I haven’t been thrilled with them.  So I saw these eyes and I was like ohhhh pretty, until I put them in my head and they popped out.  A little adjusting and I got them the way I like them (you know, inside my head).

bellakustom9head_001But I love the shade of purple.  Some people may not like them cause they have the shading on the top of the eyeball.  The rest of the items were either in my warzone of an inventory or I picked up on the MP.  I got tped to my sissy’s platform, where we both sat in silent, styling.   It’s always nice when you can be with someone and don’t feel the need to fill up every single second with conversation or have “Is everything ok” thrown at you.  So yeah I’m in a mood and I should go to bed.  But first, the style card.  I am only going to but the LM for Kustom9 once.


Hair – Bas (Female Version) in Blacks/Whites – Mina @ Kustom9
Eyes – Cheri Eyes in Purple – Song @ Kustom9
Eyeliner – Lying Eyes in Solid Black – Madrid Solo
Lipstick – Facade Lips in Brick Red – Madrid Solo
Jewelry – Love Rocker Set in Silver/Black – Maxi Gossamer
Bracelets – Fashionista Bangles in Black – Apple May Designs
Sweater – Alek Fur Cropped Sweater in Shadow – Cameo 6ixx @ Kustom9
Skirt – Ayana Mid Vinyl Skirt in Red – Cameo 6ixx @ Kustom9
Shoes – Pyramid Platforms in Black – 1992 @ Kustom9
Poses by Posesion Poses

All items featured in this blog were purchased by Bella.

4 thoughts on “Annoyance

  1. Silence is good for me right now. I like that you don’t barrage me with the same “are you okay??? what’s wrong?? you’re so quiet!!” line of crap that I get from people I don’t know well…and your company soothes me. If you ever need a place to blog, my platform is yours. ❤

  2. lol and you bought NOTHING I had on! 😉 You know something? ALL of my friendships in SL are of the non-romantic sort, soooOOooooo. I dunno the issue there, perhaps where I am all bones and jiggly bits, you are all SIREN! Anywho, sorry I blogged a place you seemed to have taken offense to, I always find one or two items only at ANY event I visit. Have a wonderful week Bella-Boo!

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