Paving Stones

The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions – Ancient Proverb

I intend to write a blog post a day for the year of 2015.  That is my intention.  So far I am 16 for 16 but oh….my….god…tonight I just wanted to sleep and veg and watch movies/tv shows/ listen to music that would make me cry.  I have never been one who has had a huge amount of willpower.  If I did I doubt I would be the weight I am, and I am most sure I wouldn’t still be a pack and a half a day smoker and my nails would look long and manicured in stead of like they were hacked down by a chain saw.

bellazanzecrocusgold1_001But I guess one of my other goals for the new year was to have more willpower.  I don’t know if this little experiment is going to work.  As a submissive woman, giving myself direction is sometimes difficult.  I don’t know why I think it’s more important to answer to someone else instead of myself, but I think I need to start answering for myself.  I want to do this to see if I can complete a project.  One that is important to me, no matter how hard it gets or how annoying I may find it.

bellazanzecrocusgold2_001We’ve all done things where we were, after awhile, like “OH MY GOD WHY DID I THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA?”  (Normally thoughts like that occur after eating an entire pizza by yourself….>DO NOT JUDGE ME YALL HAVE DONE IT!! ADMIT IT).  It’s not just the writing that I want to try to do everyday.  I really do love fashion in SecondLife.  I may not be a huge fan of the fashion world as a whole, but I love fashion, I love styling and I want to try and push my boundaries further.  I want to be not so scared of avant garde and not so willing to jump to the easiest thing for me to style – gowns (Yes I see the irony of me wearing a gown in this post).  It’s playing dressup in which EVERYTHING fits and if it doesn’t, just a little nip of the slider here and there and voila…Fabulousness.   It also helps that most mesh has the curves built into it.

bellazanzecrocusgoldback_001So I push myself.  It is 11.31pm EST on January 16 and I am not rushing anymore, but doing this so I can know that once more today, I set a goal and I stuck to it.  Tomorrow may be a different story, but today…today I have succeeded.

Hair – Anushka in Black – Emo-tions
Lipsgloss – Lipgloss Lights in Nude – Beauty By AlaskaMetro
Dress – Wild Crocus Gown in Gold – Zanze

Poses by Manifest Poses

Items from Zanze are Review Copies

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