Please note, I am not accepting official sponsorship’s of any kind. This is due to the fact that the requirements for sponsorship’s have frankly gotten out of hand.  I blog what I like, when I like.  If you do like my blog and would like to me to blog something of yours, I am open to that IF I like and would actually wear the item. Feel free to send me your item, but please note, I may NOT blog it if I don’t like it or I feel the quality of the items is not up to the standards I expect from fashion in SecondLife (which is very high).  I will not endorse or advertise for any pageants on SL.

Official Blogger for the Following:

GizzA Creations (5 Years and Counting)



PurpleMoon Creations (5 Years and Counting)


Wicca’s Wardrobe

WetCat Poses (5 Years and Counting)


Sort of Official Blogger For

Moondance Boutique (She’s my sissy and when I’m not lazy she gives me stuffs I want)

Former Sponsors

Vero Modero, LivGlam, My Precious by Agnes Finney, Chantkare, FFL, 2Lei, KaTink, Ovation Poses, Nya’s Shop, Madrid Solo, Whimsical Imaginarium, Legendaire, LaVian, Ghee, Finesmith, Zanze, Countdown,

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