Deals at ::CERO:: Style

These two looks I found at ::Cero:: Style.  Total cost, just about 160L.  That’s for both outfits and the pink shoes in the first outfit.  You can’t beat that.  The first look is very UN me in the sense that it is UBER pink.  But the texture of the dress is a gorgeous satin and the hat is just gorgeous (I am a big fan of hats in both lives, I just wish people could figure out a way in SL for hats to sit on top of the hair and not have the hair shoot through them).  I’m a little late for the Derby, but it’s still a lot of fun. The dress and the shoes are for Fifty5 Linden Thursdays.  I did find the HUD for the shoes a little hard to use and to match to my LAQ skin, which I am still not 100 percent happy with the color match.

Hair – Summer in Emo Black –
Skin – Marina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – **Irresistible Look Eyelashes – Chrissy Designs
Earrings – Endless Love Earrings – ::MOOD::
Nails – Metallic Baby Pink Nails – ::PurpleMoon::
Dress – Ella Outfit in Pink – ::CERO:: Style
Shoes – Noleta Heels in Pink – ::CERO:: Style

 This next outfit is adorable and fun. Sexy and classy. It reminded me a lot of the outfit I featured a few posts back that I got from Deju with the Shalvar pants, but not as detailed in the fabric used by Deju and shorter.  I dressed it up with a long pendant necklace I picked up at The Dressing Room Blue and my favorite shoes, my Mischief Wedges from Indyra Originals.  The outfit (shirt and pants) was only 50L from ::CERO:: Style.

Hair – Cinta in Black – Magika
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Extra Large Lashes – Eye Candi
Nails – Metallic Chalk White Nails – ::PurpleMoon::
Necklace – Bogato Necklace – [ glow ] studio for The Dressing Room Blue
Clothes – Toscana Outfit in Black – ::CERO:: Style
Shoes – Coquette Noire Mischief Wedge – Indyra Originals

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