Old and New, New and Old

Well hasn’t it been a minute since I’ve been here.  I don’t know how many of you will read this blog, nor do I know if anyone will find what I have to say interesting.  It’s been over a year since I posted a blog.  I just got tired of it.  I had been for a while.  I started blogging cause it was fun and back in 2010 when I was doing it, it wasn’t something that EVERYONE was doing.  Flickr wasn’t even a thing. I enjoyed the writing and the taking photos, I do not enjoy post editing (which is why with the exception of SLIGHT if any cleanup and a photo filter, my pictures are not post processed at all). I do not have the patience or the talent of a Skip Staheli or the fantastic LessthanZero. I am a blogger who likes to take pictures.



What have I been up to over the past year and 2 months (if anyone cares lol). RL is going well and SL is going exceptionally well.  For the first time in my 7 plus years of secondlife, I actually got married in May…and we are still together….which for SL is no small miracle for a relationship that is primarily SL with a little RL crossover.  I have been concentrating on my SL family and just having fun.  I still am General Manager of PurpleMoon Creations, which in the summer of 2016 I celebrated 5 years working at (Another record in SL?).


I decided to start blogging again after having a conversation with my sissy, fellow blogger Caitlin Mirabella.  Caiti and I decided to start a blog together.  I will dual post my blogs on both this one and the new blog, called The Deviant’s Boudoir  (even though I don’t know how deviant I am…even though I do have an SL husband who was introduced to me by my SL daughter who is his RL wife and I also have an SL boyfriend that my SL husband thinks is a pretty cool guy….and my sister is also sleeping with my SL husband…cause well..i set it up 😀 ).  But then again…honesty and openness is pretty deviant behavior for SL…so I guess I am.

After all that…I have also decided, with the exception of a very small group who know to expect the bare minimum from me, I have no official sponsors.  I do realize how much time goes into the making of clothing in SL.  I also know how much time goes into the making of MY blog posts…and alot of blog posts.  Free outfits that I am only going to wear for the blog post is not enough incentive for me to be on deadlines and quotas.  This is my second life and as a blogger, I am taking it back.  I am blogging things from my inventory (like this AMAZING old school flexi hair from Boudoir and the sculpted jewelry from Mandala) and new things that I actually like and will wear more than once like this dress from Valentina E and the shoes from United Colors.


I hope you join me for the ride, however frequent or infrequent it may be.  Either here or at the other blog.

Please note – I wear the Simone Bento Head from LeLutka, the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, the Vista Bento hands. Unless otherwise stated, those items are a constant.  If you see me in world and I look all sorts of fucked up, trust me when I say, it’s not me, it’s you. Update your viewer.


Hair – Sweet Iris Hair – Boudoir
Eyeshadow –  Olivia (for the Simone) – La Boheme
Lipstick – Kiss Me Lipstick (Simone Applier) – Sinful Curves @ The Chapter Four
Jewelry – Kabuki Full Set – Mandala
Dress – Countess Dress in Lavender – Valentina E.
Nails – Stiletto Nails for Vista Bento Hand – Formanails
Shoes – Peril High Hells in Black – United Colors
Poses – WetCats
Background – Romance Ruin Wall – PewPew for the Deco(c)rate box (sorry not available outside of the box)


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