Well It’s Been A Minute

I know, I know I have said this in the past and maybe it’s a bad omen for me to say it again, but I think I am finally getting back into the swing of blogging.  I have been told by some I need to write like I used to.  And I think I will again…one day…but right now things have been happening (mostly in my sl – my rl is gloriously boring and content) that I need to sit back and process.  All I can say is while the situation to get there was difficult, I am filled with such a wonderful sense of relief and freedom.  Like being shackled for too long and finally getting freedom.

ImageBut I digress.  One of my oldest sponsors, Gizza has been releasing some amazing summer outfits – many nautical inspired….this isn’t one of the nautical ones but it is a super chic, casual and summery ensemble for women called simply Matilda (a name near and dear to my heart as it was my paternal grandmothers name).  It includes the jack, shirt, skirt, bag, necklace and sunglasses.  Making styling super easy and fun!!  The bag comes with a pose or no pose option.  The nails are SLink appliers from Moondance Boutique. The outfit comes in about 6 different color combo’s and is just totally easy.  During the lazy days of summer who wants to spend hours on a pose stand styling when you would rather be out wandering the grid with your friends.

ImageHair – WMO003 in Black – Boon Hair

Earrings – Kizzy Hoops in Copper – Maxi Gossamer

Nails – Shiney Matte in Celosia Orange for SLink Hands – Moondance Boutique

Outfit (Including Bag, Sunglasses and Necklace) Matilda in Zig Zag – GizzA Creations

Poses – Lady Set – PoseMe (picture 2 pictures 1 is the bag pose that come with the bag)

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