Seeing Life in Black and White (Chonophilia by Silken Moon)

ImageSilken Moon is one of the most exciting and innovative stores out in SL right now.  There is something for EVERYONE there.  From gorgeous pale skins, to wonderful fantastical outfits. I received this from the designer, Malicia Python and I looked at it for about a week and a half.  This is definitely an item that is totally outside of my comfort zone as a stylist….but ohhh the photo possibilities.  Now I am SURE I did not do this fantastic mesh build justice, but it is awesome.  It is sexy, it’s SHARP (literally and figuratively) and it is FUN.  I matched it with one of Silken Moon’s gorgeous pale skins.  When it comes to porcelain skin tones, Malicia is in a class all by herself.  Highly detailed, beautifully made up, it is hard to find light skin tones this fabulous.  And she’s got SLink Appliers for ALL of them.



I am still working through things in my SL before out and out going back to my old way of blogging.  It’s an interesting time of retrospectiveness (the red squiggly line under that tells me it’s not a real word, but I am declaring it one).  And while photographing this outfit, I did a lot of thinking about how life is perceived.  How I used to see things just in black and white…how I would ignore or just plain not see the beautiful myriad shades of gray that makes up the world and our experiences in it.


ImageSkin – Burlesque in Bisque Skin – Silken Moon

Outfit – Chonophilia – Silken Moon

Poses – Posesion Poses (Pictures 1 & 2), WetCats Poses (Picture 3)

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