Bella Goes to Culture Shock – Part 1 – Ricielli and oOo Studios Poses

Anyone who has seen my older blog posts or has followed my blog from the beginning, knows that Bella, while loving the high fashions of SL, is usually broke.  So, I have to earn linden in world or rely on the kindness of strangers.  Well thanks to an unhealthy obsession with a gaming sim on sl, introduced to me by my niece, Stephy Silvercloud, I won 5000L and I was able to put some into my savings account (aka, my alt/bank) and then went with about 2000 linden to go directly to my wardrobe.  So I tped as fast I was able over to Culture Shock.  I was so excited as this was one of the only times I have had the money to go to one of these amazing fashion charity events set up by the amazing CHIC Management and do more than window shop.  I was able to SHOP SHOP. And shop I did.  After I rezzed (which took about 20 minutes and I am on an 8 gig ram computer with an HD graphics card and broadband internet, I still had to lower my graphics, draw distance etc) I went walking around.  Each place I went to is going to get their own post.  1. Cause the clothes are that amazing and 2.  It’s an amazing event with 50%-100% of all proceeds going to charity.

I love R.icielli, I always have. I saw this adorable pink silk mesh jumpsuit and I grabbed it.  I have gotten so many compliments on this since I wore it, it’s unreal.  I love the way the mesh moves with my body and even better….a realistic looking belt that actually fits my avi – cause it’s part of the mesh. I paired it with my one of my favorite pairs of shoes I already had, and I headed over to my future sister in laws bachlorette party and had a ball.

Hair – Georgina in Crow – Truth Hair
Eyelashes – Secret Eyes 01 – [ glow ]
Eyeliner – Under Me – cStar Limited
Nails – Square Extra Short French Filigree – Moon Dance
Jewelry – Pasqualina Set – Donna Flora
Outfit – Papi Mesh Jumpsuit in Rosee – R.icielli (Culture Shock 2012)
Shoes – Audrey 2 Plateau Heels in Nude – Redgrave 
Poses – oOo Studios (Culture Shock 2012)

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