Bella Goes to Culture Shock – Part Deux – League

This post is in honor of my sissy, Inaya Rajal, because she LOVES League.  I mean, last time I saw her she was decked out, head to toe League, pants, shirt, skin.  She loves League.  And I have to agree with her. I wandered into the League boutique at Culture Shock and I fell in love with this sexy sexy SMOKING dress.  The Sequin Scoop Neck dress screams sexy girls night out or night at the club. Silvery sequins, sexy low cut scoop neck and back and a hem line so high that my legs go on for miles. It is not mesh (I have to admit I have been wearing so much mesh lately, that when it came to adjusting the prim skirt piece I had to think for a minute) but the texturing is unreal and you can’t even see the skirt prim. The poses for the Silver Scoop neck are all from the Revolution Pose pack from oOo Studios, available only at Culture Shock.

Hair – Sunset Blvd 1 Rigged Mesh Hair in Jet Black – Vanity Hairs
Hairbase – Tattooed Hairbase in Jet Black – Vanity Hairs
Eyelashes – Lush Extra Large – Eye Candi
Eyeliner – Runway Eyeliner & Underline Me Eyeliner – cStar Limited
Earrings – Nite Earrings in Silver – [ glow ]
Nails – Metallic Nails in Chalk – PurpleMoon Creations
Dress – Sequin Scoop Dress in Silver – League (Culture Shock 2012)
Shoes – Noir Intense UltraPlatform Heels – N-Core

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