Tricot From GizzA Creations

It’s Monday, I am too exhausted after a long day of RL work to try to be witty with the title for this blog.  Thank goodness, I really don’t need to, cause the new Tricot outfit from GizzA creations doesn’t really need a witty title or any description what so ever. It is just a gorgeous casual skort (yes I said skort) set.  As an Amazon, I freakin’ love how long it makes my legs look (as you can see in the first picture).  Accessorizing is also easy as pie with this outfit, as the belt and gorgeous scarf comes with each.  Once again, just something totally different from GizzA Creations.

Hair – Cinta B & W – Magika Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ]
Outfit – Tricot Ensemble (from top) in:
Champagne (Pic 1)
Olive (Pic 2)
Plume (Pic 3)
Ultramarine (Pic 4)
Shoes – Bax Prestige Boots Brown Suede – Bax Coen (Pic 1 Only)


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