Oh no…Not another Fashon Blogger from SL.

Well, This is something I am trying out.  Inspired by my amazing friend Elise Enzo-Tyler and her kick ass fashion blog Elise Confidential.  I was talking to her one day and she said why don’t I try something like that out.  So here it is.  I can’t afford to spend tons of Linden when shopping, so many of the styles I wear and own, while all high couture/fashion are usually Hunt Items, Group Gifts or Highly Discounted.  You really don’t need to spend a ton of Linden to wear amazing clothing on SL.  You just need to know where to look.

Some things to know about me and my blog:

I am boring when it comes to hair. While I do change styles and designers, I am always wearing the darkest black hair. It’s my thing.  I’m sure, once I get a bit more into the blog I may wear some funkier colors….but the point is you’ll never see me blonde.
Also, unless other wise noted, I always wear the skin I wear normally. I’m one of the rare girls that doesn’t have a skin obsession.  Unless otherwise noted, it will be LAQ Martina Glow Skin in Fair.
My shape is my own build.  This may upset some people, but I don’t believe in buying shapes or paying others to make a shape for me.  Your shape is the one way to make your avatar truly your own and not have to worry about looking exactly like anyone else. You can tweak your shape to make a new skin fit it. I am proof of that.  I adore my “Amazon” Shape (I am 7’2″ barefooted in world, 7’7″ when I am in heels….which I usually am.).  I know there is this whole movement of “fun sized” Avi’s but my thinking is this: if I wanted to be 5’4″ I would spend more time in RL. This does not apply to “Fantasy” or “Character” Shapes and is ONLY MY OPINION.  I have a lot of respect for the people who have made businesses out of making shapes for others, it’s just not my thing and something you will not find in this blog.
While the photos are cropped and the color is saturated slightly, none of these pictures are Photo-shopped.  Nothing gets me angrier than going to a store, buying an outfit that contains prim parts, which look seamless in the store display or the Marketplace Ad, only to get them home and find that it is obvious the display was Photo-shopped.  To me that is false advertising. Respect the consumer enough to be honest with them and we will respect you back by spending more Linden and passing on the LM to you shop to our friends.
This outfit is an example from one of those designers who knows how to texture AMAZINGLY well.  This is from The Secret Store.  It was from an event, that I am sorry to say, I don’t remember the name of.  (Something Cellar…It was done by either the Euphoria Sim or CHIC Management, I am so sorry I don’t remember which one). It was a few months ago.  But the outfit only cost me 175L for the dress, which I adore.  While there are quite a few prim parts to the dress, they are almost seamless.  The textures are absolutely gorgeous and the skirt is flexi and moves extremely naturally. 
The boots, of course, are Bax Coen.  As much as I wish I could say I got these discounted, I did not.  Bax Coen Boots are one of the few things I will pay full price for happily. I have yet to find another pair of boots made and textured as beautifully as Bax.  Bax Coen Boots does have an in-world group, which is free to join UNTIL a new item comes out.  Group members get a small discount on new Bax Boots, and during that time there is a small fee to join the group.
Most of the Jewelry you will see me wearing is from Mood by Jori Watler.  They are menu modded, low prim, low script and the texturing is AMAZING.  I had the absolute honor of getting to know Jori a bit when I met her during the Happy Holiday and With Lo\/e From Hunts in December 2010. She is talented, amazingly sweet and modest and her stuff is GORGEOUS. Jori also has an in-world group that does have a fee to join, but is SOOO worth it.  You can also join her subscribo group, which is free. You won’t get the group gifts, but you will get notices on specials and the many special events that Jori is involved in.
I personally have no issue spending linden to join a group…in the long run, the group gifts you get pay for the group joining cost.

Outfit – Boheme Wild Flowers – The Secret Store
Hair – Francesca (Crow) – Truth Hair
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Jewelry – Athshe Set in Gold – Mood Jewelry (AlaMood)
Nails – Metallic Bark Brown Nails – PurpleMoon
Eyelashes – Regina 05 – Beauty Avatar (Old School..I believe Beauty Avatar is now Glam Affair) 
Boots – Bax Prestige Red Leather Boots (Wine) – Bax Coen
Eyes – Diamante Eyes 13 – Beauty Avatar

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