Power Play

Fall is finally upon us.  For some up in the north of America, it’s already snowing.  Down here, in Florida, the land of eternal summer, it’s still warm but the humidity that is the bane of my existence, is finally gone.  Now it’s absolutely gorgeous out.  But that could also have more to do with my newish outlook on life.  Since leaving my miserable job at Macy’s and starting my new one, I have been a completely different person.  I am being challenged and have so much more responsibility, but I am less stressed out.  I am also working less hours (I had to move to part time to take step into a management role) but not much less.  I am enjoying my job for the first time in a long time.  I think I have finally found a balance after the change in schedule.  I spent the first few week offline and in RL cleaning up.  Anyone who suffers from depression knows that things like house cleaning take a backseat to the gloom.  Now my house is clean, there is a lightness that goes throughout the house.  And I feel once again in control of my life and what happens to me.  I know that I was always in control, but sometimes we get into situations where we forget that.  We sometimes need to do something that reminds us of our own power.  And that’s the feeling I have now. I feel powerful again.


I asked Ghee Designer and Co-Owner Bea Serendipity for a look we had discussed to blog.  Not going to go over again how remiss I have been in blogging.  I had promised Bea that I would blog this straight away and I have also decided that since I love to write on my blog and I always don’t have something to write about when I do a blog piece, that I will try to start being more active on my flickr account.  So often I have the pictures taken but nothing to say. And I don’t like just putting up pictures on this blog.  It’s not my thing. If it’s someone else’s thing, that’s fine, but it’s not mine and outside of charity events, I don’t like doing that.  And I don’t want to start.  So posting on flickr seems like the best option for items I am not going to feature in my blog.  It also seems like designers care less and less about the contents of a blog and more on the pictures, so after kicking and screaming, this is me acquiescing to the way the SL Fashion world is heading.  I put on the Westwood Suit I was handed and the topic of this blog came together. I find it amazing that something I wear in SL can make me in RL feel a certain way or make me realize that I do feel that way.  I felt powerful AF when I put this sexy suit on.  While also watching the Ghee Fall 2015 Fashion Show (at this link here) I was just amazed at the colors and the styles of the new items this amazingly underrated store has.  There is a touch of vintage in all the outfits, but at the same time, they are extremely modern.  I have always loved the use of color and Bea and Warm know how to use color.  I love watching designers improve with each collection.


Being on the tall end of short in RL, Palazzo pants aren’t something that I can normally wear and look good in.  Another one of the amazing things about SL…I can make my shape look good in ANYTHING.  I salivated immediately upon seeing these.  Once again, to me, while more casual than the Westwood suit, these pants and angora sweater scream POWER to me.  Palazzo’s are a strong look.  It’s not, in my opinion, a look that many people in RL can pull off and pull off well. I am on the tall end of short and on the fluffy side…so long wide legged pants…not really something that is flattering to me…but I have always loved them.  They are strong and maybe cause they make the wearer look rooted into the ground.  Anyhoo I digress.   Run down to Ghee for these amazing looks.  In many more colors and tons more styles (watch the video I linked above to see the entire line!!)


Look #1
Hair – 42 in Blacks – Analog Dog
Lipstick – Fem in Red – MUA
Scarf – Marsala – Ghee Fall 2015 Line (NEW) **
Outfit – Westwood Suit in Marsala – Ghee Fall 2015 Line (NEW) **
Shoes – T-Bar Heals in Marsala – Ghee Fall 2015 Line (NEW) **
Pose – Editorial Line – Di’s Opera @ TDR (NEW)

Look #2
Hair – Ryleigh in B&W – Truth (NEW)
Makeup – Autumn Set (Full) – MUA
Sweater – Angora in Marsala – Ghee Fall 2015 Line (NEW) **
Pants – Tweed Pants in Marsala – Ghee Fall 2015 Line (NEW) **
Pose – Editorial Line – Di’s Opera @ TDR (NEW)

** Denotes Review Copy**

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