Rock Your Rack – DE Boutique

Well Rock Your Rack is upon us!  The yearly highly successful charity event that goes to sponsor breast cancer charities.  This is the second year in a row I have been honored to be chosen to be a blogger for this all important event (I lost my maternal grandmother to breast cancer back in 1984)  As I do for all my posts for Charity Events, I will only be listing the item that is available at the event. If you are interested in what else I am wearing for the event, please feel free to message me in world or email me at


This simple, elegant long black mesh gown with simple gold belt and fur trimmed collar is from DE Designs, available exclusively at RYR.  There are still a few days to get to the event which is for such an amazing cause and I will be trying to get out as many posts as I can in the short time left.


Gown – Good For You Gown – DE Boutique @ Rock Your Rack







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