Comfort Zone – Rock Your Rack Post

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. – Denis Waitley

So I have been MIA – but this time I have an excuse and a really good one.  After three years, I left my job and took a giant leap of faith and took another job.  Why such a leap of faith…I left a full time position complete with crappy pay but health insurance for a part time retail management position. Scary yes, but I have never been happier.  I had tried to move three times from my position at Macy’s and each time I was blocked or discouraged not to move.  After the third time, I was completely beaten down…until this other retailer approached me.  The commute is longer, the hours shorter, but I am being challenged in a way I haven’t been challenged in a long time, and it turns out, I am good at it.

bellazibskaryr1_001I had to leave what I knew for something I didn’t.  I am not good at change. I am normally of the belief that every single job has bullshit so why should I leave where I am since I KNOW that bullshit, I am comfortable with that bullshit. But I guess I reached my threshold.  Now, if I wasn’t approached, I probably would still be at my old job, cause well, that’s how I am.  Not a great way to be, but it’s something I know about myself.  Each day I go into work I know more and more that I made the right decision. I am working with people who support me, who want me to be there, who want me to succeed and to move up (my new manager and assistant manager have already told me they want to train me to be an assistant store manager as soon as I possibly can).  So when thinking about this blog, I decided to leave my comfort zone and blog something I received from a designer for the Rock Your Rack Event..which is going on for four more days. I have always admired the work of Zib Scaggs of Zibska, but I have also always been terrified of it….cause in my head it’s something that I think I can not style or do justice too.

bellazibskaryr2_001But I guess my courage is built up.  I also bugged the hell out of a dear friend of mine, Steele Sirnah, while I was styling this and basically freaking out in his box (her box?…we all know Steele’s a girl) cause I know that Steele could style this kind of amazing, fashion forward build with her eyes closed…me on the other hand….definitely not something I am used to, but I absolutely could not pass this up.  1. it is for an amazing cause – rock your rack (breast cancer charity) and 2. I do love a challenge and I have learned that when other people say I can’t do something it’s fun to prove them wrong, but when *I* say I can’t do something, I have no CHOICE but to prove myself wrong.


As in all my posts for charity events I will only be linking a slurl to the event for the item that is at the event…in this case it is the amazing dress.


Hair – Lou Deux – Zibska (HUD Controlled but I went and edited some pieces to pink)
MakeUp – Drag (full face) – MUA
Jewelry – Yseult – Zibska
Dress – Solanum Fawn Dress – Zibska @ Rock Your Rack**
Poses from Del May and Wicca’s Wardrobe.

** Denotes Review Copy**

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