Fat Bitch

So the other day I had a job interview.  Those who are close to me in SL know that I have not been happy in my RL job for quite a while now, but I am an optimist (or a masochist, I am not sure which) so I haven’t really been looking for something.  Well an opportunity presented itself to me and I always believe that when opportunities present themselves, you should go for it.  So I did. I was driving to the interview and I am not really sure what happened.  I guess I didn’t move my car fast enough but this guy behind me swerves and pulls up next to me (my window was closed thank god) and starts yelling out “FAT BITCH” and pointing at me.  Then cuts in front of me to hurry to the red light and looks out the drivers side window at me and blows his cheeks out. At first I just sat there dumbfounded.  Then I got angry and then I just started to laugh, really hard…all in the span of about 5 seconds before he tore off again in his truck and I watched him get pulled over by a cop (I love instant karma).

bellagheeartisan1_001But after I went into my interview (which went very well and I am waiting for them to call me up in regards to a second interview) and started to drive home, I got really angry thinking about the situation. I am almost 40 years old in RL. I have gone through my share of childhood bullying but it’s been rare that I am experienced it as an adult. I mean there is no denying that in RL I am overweight and it is not something I complain about cause it’s not something I do anything about. I love to eat, I hate to work out. Yes I know I should do it for my health and I do eat a relatively healthy diet. My weight is something I have battled with my entire life. When I was performing in NYC it was why I would get cast directly from my headshot a lot of the time.  So while I do wish I could walk into any cute clothing boutique in RL…meh…I’m happy and healthy.  I love who I am and I have amazing people in both my lives.

bellagheeartisan2_001But I was just so taken aback by this cretin.  I have no idea what I did to make him do this.  Perhaps I wasn’t moving my car fast enough. I know I didn’t cut him off. He was clearly over compensating for something as he was driving a pick up truck with HUGE wheels.  I got angry then I thought what an idiot this guy is.  I live in Florida…A Stand Your Ground State with incredibly lax gun laws. Basically stand your ground lets you shoot first and ask questions later if you feel threatened by someone on or in your property.  If I hadn’t been the north east liberal elitist snob I am, I could have easily shot the asshole and claimed to have felt threatened by him (if I was carrying). It was the first rule I learned when I started to drive down here. In NYC people communicate through their car horns. Down here..first rule “Don’t honk your horn cause you’re pissed off..you don’t know who’s got a gun in their car” and it’s true, the streets, even when there is heavy traffic, are pretty much silent of car horns.

Then I got upset cause I was upset.  Why should I care what this complete and total stranger thinks…it’s not so much I care what he thought, more to the point, how dare he? And also I couldn’t believe that people like that exist. For some reason people feel like fat bashing is the last acceptable thing to bash.  *shakes head*.  It’s late and I am starting to babble.  This was something I needed to get off my chest.


Hair – Esplanade in Blacks – Analog Dog
Lipstick – Matte in Magenta – MUA
Dress – Artisan Dress in Carbon – Ghee @ The Instruments**
Bag – Villencia Bag in Violet – Reign
Boots – Artisan Boots (SLink High Feet) – Ghee @ The Instruments**
Poses – DelMay
Location – Mariposa Gardens

** Denotes Review Copies**

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