Fashion(ably) Challenged

“Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will – like an instinct.”
Edith Head

I am fashion challenged.  In both lives.  It’s true. I am.  I am HORRIBLE at accessorizing.  I always forget to do it (in both worlds actually).  In RL I will buy a pair of earrings or a bracelet and within a week…I’ve lost it somewhere in the abyss.  And in SL.  I love shoes, I love jewelry. I love HATS. OMG DO I LOVE HATS IN BOTH LIVES (and I can TOTALLY pull them off). but we all know how much fun hats are to wear in sl (dang hair of steel). I have shoe sponsors, I have jewelry sponsors…even nails.  I am very blessed with the people who sponsor my blog.  But man, do I SUCK at styling certain things (some people may say I suck at styling all things….to them I say – find me in world and say it to me and you better come dressed to the motherf*&*king nines if you do).  But that being said, I was never that into fashion in RL.  I mean I was nominated most uniquely dressed in high school.  That’s cause back in 1994 I was goth before goth was a thing.  I didn’t try to be different. I just wore what I liked.  I happened to LOVE my silver lame trench coat. I loved shirts that had long flowing sleeves, I loved my purple lipstick that was so dark it was almost black. Hair dyed Jet Black… And that’s what I do in SL. I wear what I like.  The sponsors I have, that I have kept, that I try to keep, are designers that I wear on a daily basis in SL.  Occasionally they put out a piece and I know, deep in my heart, even though I want to blog the hell out of it, I will not do it justice.  The piece I am blogging today is one such piece:


This is called Prawn This Way and it’s by Ghee.  Beatrice Serendipity has always been someone in the fashion industry I have admired….way before she was on the cover of ever single SL Mag. I remember meeting Bea the first time (at Bloodlines of all places) and just thought she was one of the most beautiful and elegant avi’s I had ever seen in my LIFE. I was dumbstruck. Turns out she’s not only an amazing designer (having created the brand along with another amazing designer, Warm Clarity) she’s one of the funniest and most down to earth people I have ever met in the SL Fashion World and SL.  So anyhoo…I saw this outfit and I just thought it was so fun and creative. Plus it’s a limited edition made just for this round of Sneak Peak (which goes until August 5th, so you have a few more days to grab it).  But as I put the outfit on, I was like…I have no idea how to style this.  I know there are other bloggers who would have known exactly what jewelry to use, what make up to wear, a fabulous hair to go under the super original prawn (shrimp for us Americans) hat.  Me..I sat there and was like “derp”.  I figure I admit so much stuff on this blog, why not be honest and admit that when it comes to creative avant garde outfits like this one…I have NO idea what the hell I’m doing in regards to styling and there is no sense pretending I do.

bellagheeprawn2_001So I guess you could say I did a simple styling of this outfit. I could say this outfit doesn’t need any embellishments.  But I can’t say that.  Cause who knows what another stylist could see in it.  So instead I say here is my styling for this outfit.  I feel as if I did not do it justice.  It’s a creative fun, silly, sexy outfit, complete with Gloves, hat and the boots are attached to the pants.  Run to Sneak Peak to grab a copy.

Hair – Pipe Dream in Splash – Analog Dog
MakeUp – Kattaca (Full Face) – MUA
Outfit (including hat, gloves & shoes) – Prawn This Way – Ghee @ Sneak Peak*
Poses – Del May

*Denotes Review Copy
Outfit is Worn OVER the Maitreya Lara 3.3 Mesh Body.


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