Oh I Think You Have Mesh On Your Face

It is a sad thing when men have neither the wit to speak well nor the judgment to hold their tongues. – Jean de la Bruyere

I have never been a fan of the mesh head, though I have been thinking a lot about them lately since seeing quite a few rants on SL facebook in regards to people in the fashion industry wearing them.  One of the things I love about SL is that my avi doesn’t have to look the same as everyone elses, which is why I have never purchased shapes or the mesh head.  The mesh bodies are highly customizable to the point where each looks different for the most part depending on the shape and the skin applier used, but mesh heads are another story.  But it got me thinking on how people judge those who wear them, especially in the “industry”.  Now there are many agencies, magazines and designers who will not work with those who wear a mesh head, but more and more models are adopting this look. I have personally felt that all models resembled each other — with the exceptions of the Anna Sapphires, Blackliquids and the Sinontherocks (Absinthe) of the grid.  Tall, thin, small slanted eyes, pouty down turned mouth. I know I lived in that adopted look for the most part for two plus years.  Even the male models for the most part resemble each other – tall, thin and androgynous  Now SL is not a user friendly interface.  And for those who love to style, creating a shape may be difficult for them and hiring someone to make your shape can be expensive, especially the face.  So I get people who want to buy mesh heads.  Even those in the fashion world.  Shape making and styling are really two very different things — being good at one does not mean you are good at the other.
bellawiccaswank1_001_001Then I got to thinking about mesh heads in general. I never understood why they were so popular and then it dawned on me that they do have their purpose as do the shapemakers of the grid (which I always looked down on.)  As I said before, SL is NOT a really user friendly interface and a majority of those in Second Life are NOT in the fashion world in some way (though our SL FB feeds may lead us to believe otherwise). What about that user who finds it difficult to create a good shape or isn’t on SL enough to want to waste time creating a shape, but they are on enough that they don’t mind purchasing a few thousand linden every once in a while because they want their avi to look good?  That’s where the beauty of the mesh head and the shapemakers come into play. I don’t know why it took me so long to make this realization. It’s also a business and if you are in fashion, I honestly see no reason to not support the designers and creators of the mesh body parts if that is what you like.  THAT BEING SAID — I also believe that it is a designer and creators right to NOT support those body parts as well.  It is very hard to be creative when you are not inspired by the object you are creating.  Then it becomes work, a chore and that is the antithesis of what SL is supposed to be for a large majority of the creators on SL (I exclude the small portion who do actually make their RL income from the grid).


Maybe cause I have been on SL so long and I am happy with my place in the grid and also becoming more content in RL – the older I get the less judgemental I become. Especially on SL.  Do your own thing, have fun, be creative. Don’t waste your time with your stomach in knots cause models are wearing a mesh head, do what you want to do.  If someone doesn’t want to work with you cause you don’t like wearing the mesh head then that’s their choice.  Not everyone has to work with everyone else.

Hair – No Night in Milky – No.Match (Group Gift)
Make Up – Lipstick – Tender in Orange – MUA
Full Face – Chloe – MUA
Jacket – Caprice Jacket in Sandstone – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Pants – Nova in Sandstone – Wicca’s Wardrobe @ SWANK
Shoes – Mannon Heels in Cappuccino – Wicca’s Wardrobe @ SWANK
Poses – Drogo – Diesel Works

3 thoughts on “Oh I Think You Have Mesh On Your Face

  1. I can’t imagine someone not working with a model bc she doesn’t wear a mesh head. How silly! I created my look and until the day I can create the same look in a mesh head, I won’t be wearing one either.

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