The Forest For The Trees

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

bellavoodoodonna1_001When we are upset or super passionate about something, there is an expression that we can’t see the forest for the trees.  I take that to mean we can’t or won’t see the big picture or we can’t or won’t see everything we have in front of us or more to the point, within us.  I know I have been that way in SL for a while, not seeing what is in front of me.  I woke up this morning feeling absolutely horrible – stomach virus – so I called out from work and I snuggled in my bed and got my laptop out and started to browse the web – went on my sl fb and I was just going through my feed when I happened upon the Drax Files.  Now I know.  I am late to almost every single party there is.

bellavoodoodonna2_001Friday was a rough day for me in SL.  I don’t know why but in RL I am finally ok with what has happened but in SL I sometimes just get really upset. I know I should follow my own rule and log off, and I usually do, but yesterday for some reason I didn’t. Anyhoo…this is all tied in.  I picked this outfit and shoes specifically for this post – VooDooDonna by PurpleMoon Creations.  Inspired in part by what happened to me with my last relationship, it honors the not so great side of love. Hurt, betrayal, unrequited love.  All that fun stuff.  But I digress, back to what I was saying earlier.  I have been so upset lately, only seeing my own feelings and pain, that I couldn’t see the amazing experiences and chances that I have before me in SL.  The Drax File episodes that really touched me were about Editorial Clarity-Flux (who is no long on SL) and Absinthe (Sinontherocks Resident).  Absi has always been a stylist I have admired, not only for her completely unique avatar and styling but also in a world of Barbie dolls (my own avi a brunette one), she stands out and stands proud, becoming a success in the fashion world while staying true to her own vision about what she wants HER SL experience to be.

bellavoodoodonna3_001It reminded me what SL can be.  Yes, it is a place to explore fantasies, but it is also a place to let our creativity fly. There is nothing wrong with spending “alone time” on SecondLife if it feeds our creative inner child.  Everything in Second Life has been created by the users.  Yes, the Lindens created the platform, but everything in it is hand made by the users. I don’t know why, after almost 6 years in world, I find that so fascinating NOW. God knows I have enjoyed many aspects of SL — from the games you can play, to the gorgeous Sims, to the live music and djs, I have even been to a theatre production in SL. Everything right at your fingers.  And if you do a quick google search, there are tons of tutorials on HOW to do ANYTHING in SL. So that’s how I spent a large part of my day yesterday.  Just reading up on all SL has to offer outside of sexual fantasy.

bellavoodoodonna4_001While my “a-ha!” moment may be more of a “well duh” moment, I feel more excited about SL now and the possibilities that it can be used for. One of the few things that separates us from the rest of the mammals in the world is our ability to consciously create.  I still believe that for some of us, the desire to create works of art – be it fashion or lines of code or an incredibly intricate and detailed RP – is more of an inherent need than a desire.  It is something we HAVE to do. I am no exception to that rule.  And the only person who has been putting limitation on my ability to do just that is me.

Hair – Leena – Emo-tions
Mud – Dirty – Saki Jun
Lips – Center of Attention Lips in Cocoa Ketchup – Glamorize
Outfit – VooDooDonna in Brown – PurpleMoon Creations **NEW ITEM**
Shoes – Broken Heels in Brown – PurpleMoon Creations **NEW ITEM**
Poses by Del May

Items from PurpleMoon Creations are Review Copies.



3 thoughts on “The Forest For The Trees

  1. I spend large amounts of my SL time alone. And that’s okay – because I am doing what I want to do. I have learned so many things since coming to SL – Photoshop, photography skills, building skills – I am even going to try my hand at Blender. As long as I am learning, growing, and having fun – that’s all that matters, not whether I am doing it alone. 🙂
    Sometimes those dark nights of the soul are what we need to push us in a new direction. 5 years ago I thought my life was over. Today, I am the happiest I have ever been.

  2. And THAT is what I told you so long ago. The stuff is just stuff, but when you get to the point where you peel away the layers and make SL what creative means to YOU, that’s when you know life is truly good. I love you Bella-Boo ♡♡

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