Choice and Consequence


Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices. – Alfred A. Montapert

bellagizzaoversized2_001I have always considered myself to be a live and let live kind of person, especially when it comes to SL.  Many of those close to me know this and expect it of me and tell me it’s one of the reasons they come to me for advice or just to vent to, as I try really hard to not judge a persons choices on how they chose to live their life, especially in SL.  Who am I, or who is anyone to judge another grown adult as long as they are not breaking any laws or doing anything immoral or unethical?  No one.  But the one thing I find many people are surprised at, is even though no one has the right to judge, your choices do have consequences, be it good or bad.

bellagizzaoversized1_001Now the issue I find myself facing, is that someone very close to me has made a choice that I do not like, I find the choice does affect me and I have begun to slowly pull away. I still care deeply about this individual, but I find at this point, I do not want them near me or as close to me as they once were. Because of this choice they made, I find I can no longer trust them.  I find myself thinking over and over again what the consequences of this choice will be for me. Once I work through all I am working through, it may very well be too late to save this friendship I once cherished dearly. Should I have the very hard conversation with this person telling them what I am doing and why, or do I do what I have been doing and continue to be very cool and aloof, sticking my head in the sand and hoping that it just goes away. I honestly can not foresee either option going very well, but I could be underestimating this individual if I picked the former.  At this point regarding this situation, I feel as if my ability to be allowed my feelings and my capacity for understanding and the live and let live mentally has been almost abused and highly overestimated.

bellagizzaoversized3_001I find myself weighing the consequences of my choice or more to the point, my lack of choosing. I am curious if anyone out there in the wide world who may be reading this has gone through something similar and how they handled it.

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4 thoughts on “Choice and Consequence

  1. I think we ALL go through it to different degrees at some time or the other, BellaBoo. I wish I could tell you a fail safe way to get out of this, but as you already know whatever is done by us affects those about us. So the question is, do you love and respect the friendship enough to “air your laundry” about the grievance, or is it the type of friendship that can handle just being let go of and thought of as one the filled a need at a certain space in your life. Only you can figure that out, but in all ways I send you a big huge huggy smooch and a “this too shall pass.’ Love you gorgie-girl ❤

  2. I think you should have the very hard conversation with this person, because if you are pulling away, imagine how they are feeling…wondering why you’re not talking to them as much, wondering what they did or said…it’s hurtful on both ends.

  3. I think you should have the hard conversation as well, if it make the situation worse so be it at least you are not all the way gone with no explanation. We are here for you Bella. I think it is always best to be open especially where friends or soon to be ex friends are concerned. Not having the talk and just continuing to shut yourself off may be easiest but not always best<3

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