Me and My Shadow

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you” – Walt Whitman

That above quote has such strong resonance with me.  First, it was said by Walt Whitman, one of my favorite poets of all time, a source of pride for those of us from Long Island and New York City.  Secondly and more sentimentally, because it’s the quote my grandmother wrote in my mother’s high school year book for her and the one my mother in turn wrote in mine. It is a quote that I do try to live by and I think of during the hard and trying times in my life.  Keep your face always towards the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.

bellamadison2_001And to be honest, it’s a quote that I have forgotten over the past month.  Or more to the point, I couldn’t see the sun, only the shadows.  Some days are easier than others, the easier days coming more and more frequently. Anger, hurt and resentment are still there, but they are becoming more manageable.  I have been spending less time on Second Life but not from the computer.  I read, I play my mindless hidden object games, I apply for new jobs.  I have been licking my wounds.  Like a typical Sagittarius, when I am upset I do tend to withdraw from people and go into my little hidey-hole.  But in my self imposed exile, I also was reminded of the quote, about the laws of attraction, which I am a very big believer in.  If I sit and think of only the bad things, if I just have poor me moments, I forget all that I truly do have to be grateful for.  And while my life…well, lives, are far from perfect, I do indeed have so much to be thankful for.  If I am not thankful for the things I do have, why would the universe, the Divine, God/dess see fit to give me anything more?

bellamadison1_001So I have to make a conscious choice daily, to keep my face towards the sun. To believe that there is light ahead of me and darkness behind me, in the past. Now I know life isn’t always peachy keen, but it’s the good times we remember, which is why we continually fall in love, make new friends, try new things. The darkness makes us smarter, helps us make better choices, but it is the light, the sun, that we grow and thrive in.

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