When you are told all the right things.  Hear the answers you want to hear, but deep in your bones, to the very core of your being you know it’s not true.  When you realize that you can’t turn to anyone, cause the people you turn to are the one’s you are not so sure you can trust anymore…you become a prisoner of your mind.

prisoner2_001I often forget not everyone on SL is honest, not everyone in the real world is honest.  Not everyone is like me.  People will always put themselves first usually. They will put those who they think can help them the most first.  They will use whatever means necessary to get what they want.  I have always wished I was that way.  Back when I was acting, back when I was trying the runway thing in sl…even at work on commission. I wish I could be cutthroat.  I wish I could do whatever I needed to do to get what I wanted, and disregard everyone else.

prisoner_001I wish I could trust without hesitation. I wish I could take people at their word and let it be.  I wish I didn’t have to look into everything. I blame binge watching Catfish too much. I blame taking others for face value in SL when you can so easily change your face.  I blame myself for never learning.


Hair – Lilya in Blacks – Dela
Body – SLink Physique – SLink
Poses – Del May and Di’s Opera

I bought everything myself, do a search for locations in world.

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