I am trying to think of something to write here. One of my goals I set for myself was to always write SOMETHING here and today my brain is less than mush.  I had a wonderful conversation with Michael, the man I spoke of in my last post.  What a giant relief I have off of my shoulders knowing we are still the same people we were and the friendship is still there.  What I always loved about our relationship is that we constantly talked about it.  And this break up is no different.  To know where the other person stands, to know where *I* stand, or to figure out where we stand and not be on shaky ground is a wonderful thing.


bellagizzaleather_001I’m still sad, but it comes and it goes.  Any relationship you are invested in emotionally, when it ends, takes its toll i believe.  There are ups and downs. It gets easier with time of course, you learn to live with it, you move on, you grow (hopefully).  Or you implode and digress.  I think we have all been on both sides of that.  Anyhoo..I know the next few weeks and possibly months will be hard.  Supposedly it takes half the length of the relationship to get over it.  Since everything in SL runs in double or triple time, I wonder if that applies.  I know that this is different for me and right now I have no desire to get close to anyone, RL or SL at this point in time.

bellagizzaleather2_001This post is called Ramblings for a reason, so I am just going to let my little AD/HD brain go crazy here.  I had a lot of fun with the pictures today and styling this.  I worked a closing shift tonight, so I was able to take the pictures of one of the new Gizza releases this morning.  I can not wait until I get a new computer and can really have fun with windlight and possible photoshop (right now I only use PS to blur edges, sharpen my eyes and fix any oopies with the pose – like a piece of skin sticking out)  Other than that I just use filters from the website ribbet.com. I try to keep the filter at bay though so the color of the item is not changed.  I see fashion blogs and even vendors that are photoshopped within an inch of their lives and while the photos are beautiful (sometimes), I am left thinking “But what does the item really look like”  and more times than not I see the item in world and I am less than impressed.    This is Gizza though, so excellence is expected.

bellagizzaleather3_001Anyone else out there, model or not, hate prim/mesh lashes?  Anyone else have to do the constant eyeliner or eyeshadow to cover up the fact that the eyelashes never PERFECTLY fit your eyes?  That’s my secret..that’s why Bella is constantly wearing the Drama Black eyeshadow from Glamorize….cause my eyelashes, that I get compliments on all the time (they are super old Nikita Fride eyelashes that are like 100L on the mp) don’t perfectly fit my eyes…no matter HOW hard I try to adjust them. I honestly think that can be an academy itself.  The Belladonna Wexhome Academy of Learning How to Put Your Eyelashes Kinda on Your Eyes the Right Way.


Also the couture leggins from Maitreya, no matter how old they are, are awesome for when you can’t figure out what shoes to wear.


Yeah I need sleep.



Hair – Mash in Blacks – Analog Dog
Lipstick – Dark Obsession (Show Designs Lips Only) – Madrid Solo
Jewelry – Placide Jewelry Set – Zibska
Outfit – Ashly Leather Tunic in Plum – GizzA Creations **NEW RELEASE**
Pants – Couture Leggings in Black – Maitreya
Poses – Del May

Items from Gizza Creations are Review Copies

7 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. I am beyond happy for you that you were able to speak to Michael, and that your relationship will still be there. I wish with all my heart and soul that I could have the same courtesy, but I’m coming to accept that I will not even have my closure from him.
    Michael is a wonderful guy, and I’m thrilled that you’re able to honor the memory of your relationship this way. I ❤ you, sissy 🙂

  2. well lovely post today Belle, Purple is my favorite color, well that and purple green blue and red lol. Second life time has no real effect on how long it takes to get past a relationship at least not for me. I was married to a wonderful man here in SL and we became RL too but the distance between us was great. He wanted me to move from sunny South Florida to somewhere near the Yucatan..um that wasn’t going to happen. It took me more than a year to get past, I really have not replaced him,single for 3, sometimes I do get lonely but I am ok being single too. Same for friends, it takes a long period of adjustment when friendships end. Speaking of adjustments, lets talk lashes lol, I have been editing my lashes for 7 years and they will never be perfect. One thing that I do is that I wear two pair one Vox feathered prim lashes with the feather parts transparent and stuck in my head (well I like them) I also wear MC mesh lashes and my liners are from Madrid solo, she is my sister and she always gets the bitch session about lashes so has created some shadows with liner that work very well to hide flaws adored is one, Grace u color it is great because you can color shadow blush lips and gloss and I think it is in store for 150 L the options are limitless. Her latest is Bold liner which has a hint of color and she didn’t say put pretter sure she had me in mind when she made them all. anyway hope this helps someone with their lash issues. See I can say something and hit that like Button ❤

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