Brain is Mush

I had to be up at 3am this morning so that I could get to work by 5am so I could help with the always dreaded yearly full store inventory.  I promised myself I would always try to write something here, and I have a million ideas swimming through my brain but the connection to get the thoughts and words from my brain to my fingers is not working so good right now.  I mean it doesn’t work great to begin with but right now it’s practically no existent.  Cause you know, since I had to wake up BEFORE the butt crack of dawn, I couldn’t fall asleep until 10.30 and then proceeded to wake up every single hour until my alarm went off.

bellablueberry_001So anyhoo….My brain is not functioning all too well.  I should have taken a nap when I got home but I have never been a nap person.  So I went online, then proceeded to play my iPod and for about an hour an a half, earbuds stuck in my ears, gave a one woman production of Sunset Blvd by Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to my mom’s cats and my dog.  I like to believe they were so stirred with emotion that they did not want me to see it and that’s why they ran and hid under various pieces of furniture.  I checked my facebook and my sister, Caitlin Mirabella one of the authors of the fashion blog Dolly Fabulosity (along with one of my other sissies Kailee Soulstar) posted on Facebook the link to this super cute sweater from Blueberry.  Now I had never been to Blueberry before but I had heard of it, as my Pea, Ember Adored (author of Paperdolls along with Savannah Porterfield) says it’s her most favorite store in SL. So I tped on over there to grab the sweater.  Just as I landed on the sim, I got a notice from the Magika update group that a new hair was out on the marketplace… of course I had to get that as well.

bellablueberrylampost2_001I am feeling much more freedom in my blog since I’m not putting so much pressure on myself to blog my sponsors RIGHT AWAY.  Of course my sponsors are the bread and butter of my SL Closet, but I realize it’s important for me to go out and explore new stores and try things I normally wouldn’t try….ON MY BLOG.   Meaning, I am styling much more for my blog posts how I dress day to day in SL.  I mean as much as I love them, there is really no need for a formal gown everyday.  The sweater was such a great price too!  199L and the shoes are a promo on the marketplace from Moda, only 99L for a FAT PACK.  This HUD changes everything.  So yeah, did a little shopping.  I also promised myself that I wasn’t just going to sit on my build platform and take pictures.  I was going to go out and about in SL.  As I stated in an earlier post, I am very late to the party in regards to reading the blog of Strawberry Singh, but I have started and I was clued into an amazing flickr group that shows different amazing sims to go to.  So I flicked through the feed and I found this sim, called Neverending or Pigeon Island.  Anyhooo this is the SLURL to it. I fell in love with the sim.  Just a quick note though. There is animated snow on the sim, so if you have issues with graphics, I would wait until the Spring to visit.  I have a fairly good laptop but when I enabled my lighting and shadows to take my pictures, I was at ONE (yes ONE) frame per second. But what was awesome was that a few of the things around the sim had poses in them.  So I got lazy after finding one pose in my own inventory and just used the one’s at the sim.  It was relaxing, not stressful and a lot of fun

bellacoffee1_001Plus the nice bench there gave me coffee.  We plan on marrying in the Fall.  😀  Yeah I need to go to bed…but first…the style card.

Hair – Stay HUD 01 – Magika – **NEW RELEASE**
Lipstick – Windsong (Lips Only) – Madrid Solo
Necklace – Baroque Teardrop in Gold V1 – Maxi Gossamer
Hand Jewelry – Bali Gypsy – Maxi Gossamer
Sweater – Dawnee Sweater Cardigan in Pink – Blueberry – **NEW RELEASE**
Jeans – Skinny Pants in Diamond Blue – Gizza Creations
Nails – Sofia SLink Appliers – Moondance Boutique
Shoes – Paloma Leather Heels – MODA **99L PROMO**
Pose (First Picture only) – Del May

Sim Location – Pigeon Island (link in above post)

All Items with the Exception of those From Gizza and Moondance were purchased by Bella.

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