Is Anyone Really Out There?

I always admire those bloggers who write and make it seem effortless.  Just like I admire and envy those stylists who can throw a look together and be completely and totally fierce.  Neither of those things have ever been me.  I promised myself that I wasn’t going to just post pictures on this blog this year.  I wanted to write.  But then I think I put too much pressure on myself.  As bloggers we see some posts that for some reason resonate with others and we wonder “Why don’t all my posts resonate like that?”  We start out, I believe, doing this for ourselves, but like any form of it writing, styling, designing, decorating or performing…it’s that feedback, that audience appreciation and approval that we also crave.  Lately I have been wondering how to get people to actually COMMENT on my blog.  Now, I don’t want to see just “lovely photo” or “that’s a great outfit” although that is always nice to hear.  But how do I illicit a discussion about what I have said?  I guess I like to think that what I write makes people think.  Even if people don’t agree with what I say or HOW I say it, part of me wants to know that.  I do enjoy seeing the likes on my posts, who doesn’t.  But at the same time, it’s like being in an old deserted town and you THINK you hear other people or SOMETHING out there…but you aren’t really sure it’s actually real or just your imagination.


I know that analogy really makes no sense.  I guess I am wondering if people are actually reading what I am writing or are they just liking my post in hopes of a return like?  I mean that’s how social media is supposed to work isnt’ it?  Exchange likes for likes. I really would prefer that you didn’t like my post if you did not read it or didn’t like it, but let me know why.  I like to know the thoughts and opinions of others (which is why I prefer blogs in which the blogger actually writes something).


I’d like to turn around and see someone else there.  What do you think?


Hair – 42 in Blacks – Analog Dog
Brooch and Ring – Nollaig Shona Men’s Brooch & Ring – Chop Zuey (old gifts)
Dress – Mohair Dress in Ecru – Nya’s Shop
Shoes – Blythe Plats in Coco – Reign
Poses from Di’s Opera and Del May

Sim Location – Innsmouth – A Dark New England Coastal Town (HP Lovecraft RP)

Items from Nya’s Shop and Reign are Review Copies

6 thoughts on “Is Anyone Really Out There?

  1.! ! I need coffee. .. As I was saying. You SL audience typically reads short hand, they want to know what you have on and where to buy it. Period. You need to expand out to regular reader blogs. Comment and ask their opinion on something you wrote. You are singing to the wrong crowd. But, that’s just what I think is going on. 🙂 great picture 😉 (and words)

      • strangely enough, though I DO have SL readers who leave comments (SL besty’s and such) Quite a few of my responders are from writers of RL blogs that I follow. I respond to their writing, they respond to mine. You just need to find your niche following of Like minded Bella-Boos out there. ❤

  2. I also have some followers that are RL bloggers but most of my comments come from Little Moo’s, I do read your blog and sometimes I hit like other times I say stuff, I am not a big comment type but know that I DO read it:-) nice post lol

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