Under the Tarnish

First off to the handful of people who do read this blog, please excuse the appearance.  I am attempting to modify it in a way that I like and it’s just not working.  So for those who do follow my little corner of the blogosphere, you can tell I’m doing something different.  I don’t want to say out loud what it is, as I do not want to jinx myself, but needless to say, I’m keeping up the pace.  I have also decided to try and expand my SL Horizons a little more.  I started to explore flickr groups that only showcase sims.  It gets boring taking pictures just in front of a plain background.  So one picture for a sim called Roche caught my eye and I had just picked up this cute lil dress from Coquette at FaMESHed, so I thought these look like they go together.

Lawd, I don’t know if it’s my computer, or sl (I don’t think it was the sim, it was me and one other person) but my frame rate dropped from 37 to like 7 when I tped ANYWHERE tonight.  Anyhoo.   Really beautiful sim, suggest yall go and visit it.  Very rustic, very backwoodsy, very Deliverance.

bellacoquette_001So this is the picture I took in front of the little coffee shop on the sim.  I have a lot of respect for people who go out each time they blog and shoot in front of a locale.  I find that I need a lot of patience, but I did have a ton of fun doing it (and really isn’t that the point of it all?) and I am pretty pleased with how the photo came out.  I hope to expand my photography skills since a dear friend of mine who is an amazing photographer said I could pick her brain.  We’ll see…I need a creative outlet and so far this is scratching the itch.  I don’t know if I am finding my shiny again, but the tarnish is definitely coming off a little.

Hair – MissFortune A (Puffy) – Catwa
Outfit – Mila in Cool – Coquette @ FaMESHed
Shoes – Blythe Plats in Coco – Reign @ Frost (ended January 3rd)
Pose – Manifeste Pose – Runway Perfect Hunt 2012

All items purchased by blogger except for Blythe Plats



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