Just For Fun

I had an enjoyable randomly fun day in the RL today.  Nothing super spectacular.  Just regular work.  Just some funny things were said randomly.  Like when I was talking about the bathing suits I was putting back on the racks from the dressing room with a fellow associate and she replies with “I wish I could do a split”

My response was “…..”

Or another associate saying hello to me in the morning, and my coffee not having yet kicked in yet replied with “You look short today.”

bellagizzastaceyusethisone2_001 What was funny was that I was the second person to say that to her since she walked into the door.

Or my manager stopping me and the same associate from the first little ditty and asking “Why are you two out on a break at the same time”  and I replied “I really have no good answer for that” and my manager actually saying “I gotta find you a gold star cause I was not expecting that perfect answer.”

Also various random fb messages from my SL “Daddy” (I am a babygirl submissive – want to know what that is, google it or feel free to IM me)

I mean nothing was funny rolling on the floor laughing, but it did bring a smile to my face many times and in light of the things I had been writing of lately, I decided to share them. I don’t know why.  I do know I wanted to keep up the pace I have started for myself in the new year and write something tonight.

bellagizzastaceyusethisone_001But I didn’t want to write something heavy.  I didn’t want this blog to turn into a Debbie Downer or lets pick apart every situation in SL thing.  I mean I started to blog because it was fun, I had fun writing. I don’t think I am very good at it but I do enjoy doing it. I know i tend to ramble and due to my AD/HD, linear thought is sometimes a foreign concept to me.  But I have wonderful friends who encourage me and who seem to enjoy when I do write.  So I figure….why not.

bellagizzastaceyusethisonecloseup_001In RL and SL – those who do know me know I am not always serious, I can be downright silly sometimes and very childish, and not always in a bad way.  I love making people think with my blog, but I also love to make people laugh and smile.   If you happened to come across this post tonight, I hope I brought at least a small one to your face.


Hair – Malaika HUD A – Exxcess (also comes with HUD for hat)
Lipstick – Nude 6 (Larger) The Nudes – Madrid Solo
Earrings – Kaya Bead Earrings – Lazuri
Outfit – Stacey Dress in Plaid Blue – GizzA Creations
Shoes – Katya Flats in Navy (SLink Feet) – Reign (Saturday Sale Exclusives)
Poses – Manifeste Poses

Items from GizzA and Reign are Review Copies

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