Imma Do Me

Reading my SL facebook has amused me greatly the past day or two.  To say the shit doth hit the fan is an understatement.  So much drama going around.  I will be blunt and say I love drama – when it’s other peoples.  I find it highly amusing.  What I also find amusing is people who are claiming in 2015 they are gonna “be doing me” and then promptly start bitching and complaining about other people. Now I get it’s your Facebook and if I don’t want to see it I can just unfollow it (and I have many), but I always thought..if you are doing you…why do you notice what others are doing so much?

bellazanze1_001I never claim to be doing me.  I mean I say I do my own thing, but I think it’s two different things.  I do comment and pontificate and perhaps even verbally defecate quite often on the actions and words of others. Very often, I have found that it can lead to very interesting conversations, if AND ONLY if, the right kind of people get involved.  And what I mean by right kind of people, I mean those who do not flame up or attack the spelling and grammar of those with opposing views.  I will also admit I am a horrible blogger in the sense that I do NOT read a lot of other SL Blogs (be it fashion or otherwise).  Heck, I just started to read Strawberry Singh’s blog recently (I know…BLASPHEMY). I guess the reason I don’t read a whole lot of blogs is that, frankly, I find them boring.  I don’t get much from going to blogs that just have pretty pictures and nothing to say.  Now, that being said there are a small handful of blogs I do read that are like that, but a very small number.  I always wanted to use my blog as my little platform.  Maybe it’s cause I am cowardly.  Posting on facebook invites others to give their opinions and comment on it.  Posting my opinion here, gives me more control.  I can chose to have the comments moderated here (I don’t).

bellazanze2_001I can chose to do what I want here, style what I want, take the pictures how I like them (points to picture up above..ooohhh look breaking a cardinal SL Modeling rule…my arm is ABOVE MY HEAD and in the first picture *le gasp* Flamingo pose, I should be crucified). But the one thing I am also seeing on facebook is a real push back against the old way of thinking in regards to fashion in Second Life, especially High Fashion, on what a model or blogger should be.  Now I will fully admit I hate the fact that almost everyone you meet now in SL claims to be a fashion blogger. It’s like we all write stuff, but does anyone read it? As I stated before, I know I’m crap when it comes to reading what others write. But the one’s I do read, lawd, are they different from when I started this.  Bulletproof Bish is one of the few blogs I read that doesn’t really say much, but the styling of Vavavavixen and the photography is amazing.  I have always admitted to being highly influenced by An Chailin Alainn, Caoimhe Lionhearts blog…not only in terms of styling but also in how she opens up with her view of the worlds she lives in.  They are two completely different styles of blogs – both considered fashion blogs. But yet they both have their purpose and they both feed my sl experience.

bellazanze3_001More and more I don’t know if you could consider me a fashion blog.  yes I showcase new fashion, but I don’t talk about it a whole lot (the actual product) and I always felt kinda derpy when I said things like “the gorgeous flowing silk of the gown”. I mean how the hell do I know it’s silk?  I don’t, it’s pixels.  I guess trying to create a story for the person thinking about buying it, but it always seemed fake to me.  I guess what I am trying to say is if you are going to do you, do that, do you and stop caring so much about what other people do or HOW they do it if they aren’t stepping on toes, being unethical or immoral or breaking any laws.  In the meanwhile, I’m going to be doing my own thing and not stop commenting and pontificating about the world around me.  If you would care to join me, that’s great.  If not…good luck doing you.

Hair – 42 in Blacks – Analog Dog
Eyeshadow – All That Glitters (Gold) – Madrid Solo

Eyeliner – Cat Eyeliner 2 – Izzies
Lipstick – Facade Lips in Brick Red – Madrid Solo
Jewelry – Cyrene in Gold – Maxi Gossamer
Outfit – Agnes Harlem Dress – Zanze
Shoes – Avantii Heels in Black – Reign @ Uber
Poses – Various Poses from Di’s Opera

Items from Zanze and Reign are Review Copies

4 thoughts on “Imma Do Me

  1. I just look at the pictures, but I much prefer blogs that say something as with Cao’s blog. I follow many and if the photo jumps off the page at me I will see where the item came from and go get it. But mostly I like to see what people have to say. This was a good blog Flamengo pose and all….lol

  2. Wheee here i am reading your blog hahaha. Weekend so time to read my favo blogs.
    In my opinion blogs need to be made out of passion wich you will see back in styling and pics. It can be with story’s and tekst like my sweet cao and you among others but when i look at my own blog or of some other close friends it aint always with story’s. English aint my own language so to write my thoughts, mind etc is hard sometimes haha and uhm well maybe lazy sometimes whaha.
    Keep on blogging bella 😉 xxx

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