“It just seemed low to me. It just looked low…” – Delores Elsaesser

I have been trying to think about how to write what I wanted to write here all day long.  I don’t want to give more publicity to the people who inspired this theme for today, cause honestly, they don’t deserve it.  Needless to say, a flame war erupted due to the totally classless and just plain slimy actions of one person.  A person who at one time, I actually had respect for. Yet, it was someone else, someone who may have not said what they said in the right way, who was called out as being classless.

bellazenithuber20302_001Since when did just our words define whether or not one has class?  I always believed it was not just our words but indeed our actions which defined that more than anything.  Words are fleeting.  Words are air and while yes, they can hurt, they can also be misquoted, misguided, misunderstood.  They may be low brow, but I fully believe with every fiber of my being that it is our actions which define us as having class or not.  How we treat others, how we handle ourselves in a situation defines us.  None of us are perfect and even the strongest of us can bend and occasionally break – we are after all, only human.  We sometimes act first and then think or we act based on our emotions instead of with our noggins.  We are all to be forgiven those moments (unless you physically kill someone, then you should definitely go to jail).

bellazenithuber2030_001But when you actively seek to to do something unethical perhaps even immoral, to me that is what shows a definite lack of class.  When you look to defend those actions cause hey, you’ll get something out of it and you don’t really have to work all that hard to do it, you show a lack of class.  When you lie, when you honestly have an ego so big that you think the rest of the world is stupid and can’t see through your charade, then you are indeed classless.  People in business don’t get to the top by being “nice” people, but there is a way to do it with being classy, with keeping your integrity.  One of my favorite sayings is by Tom Peters: There is no such thing as a momentary lapse of integrity.  And that is true.  You either have it, or you don’t.  You are either a trustworthy person, or you’re not.  I do not believe that you can have class and not have integrity.  It’s not possible.

bellazenithuber20303_001The one thing I am thankful of in regards to this situation, is that the instigator no longer has the influence they once had. In fact, they have become more of a punchline to many.  But as often is the case with bad jokes, they just aren’t funny and people are left shaking their heads and some are down right offended. I have always been one to walk away and not say much outside of my little blog pontificating when a situation like this occurs, that doesn’t really affect my SL one way or another. Maybe I should, but 1. I do honestly hate conflict and 2. Not my monkey, not my circus.   I do commend the people who did speak up, even if they didn’t say it in the best way possible.  To stand up to a bully is nothing but class.

Hair – The Delilah Hair HUD 1 – Olive @ Uber
Eyeshadow – Eye Dominance Style 2 – Madrid Solo
Lipstick – Facade Lips in Soft Red – Madrid Solo
Necklace – Pearl & Diamond Set – Yummy @ Uber
Dress – Vintage Chiffon Dress in Silver – Zenith @ Uber
Poses by Manifeste and Di’s Opera

No review copies were used in this blog – all items purchased.

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