Danse Macabre

Three posts in three days….what is going on with me (even though for some reason wordpress has it down that I posted Welcome 2015 on January 2 – which I didn’t,  it was January 1st and I could not fix it). I am looking to catch up on my blog sponsors, who were extremely patient with me during the last month and a half of 2014.  November and December are not your friends in RL when you work retail.  I asked my dear friend, Wicca Merlin (2014 Avi Choice Award Winner for Best New Designer) of Wicca’s Wardrobe if she had anything new for me.  I learned to never do that again with Wicca. After almost crashing me after sending me about 15 new things that are going to be released, I picked on these amazing new leggings (which MUST be worn with the SLink High Feet…these are NOT APPLIERS).  I had gone to Del May a few days prior, as they are a pose store I don’t really go to, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why.  They are amazing.  So I happily began styling after I got home last night and with the poses from Del May in hand, I carefully got my angles, broke open my phototools,  saw my happy shadows and started to snap away.

bellawiccaleggings2_001I saved the pics to my desktop as I always do – but low and behold, the shadows, which I plainly saw on my screen – were not there.  There had been absolutely no updates to my computer or to my driver (I have it set up where I have to manually approve my driver updates).  I cleared cache and I relogged as Wicca told me to do as she had the same issue earlier.  After relogging to a water sim and being asked if I wanted to buy 600 MoCap Dances for 59L by someone whose display name was “600 MoCap Danced for 59L”, I sat not so happily as an orange cloud for about 10 minutes. I rezzed again and went home to my photo studio, got back on my pose stand cursing the entire time as it took me about 10 minutes to get the angles just right (I tried saving my camera angels but I was frustrated and hitting Ctrl+Shift+C just kept bringing Gyazo up on my computer). But I was finally back – I took the picture and BAM – still not @#($*&# shadows!. I got into one of my groups, ask if anyone had this issue, explained that I had already tried clearing cache and relogging and I was told clear cache and relog. *facedesks*.  Went into Firestorm Support (honestly use that term loosely, that group to me is a total last resort).  Explained AGAIN and was once again told to clear cache and relog (I’m sure I’ll get into my pet peeve about people NOT reading soon).  FINALLY, one of the mods decided to speak up and I changed the size of my picture from 1024×1024 to 512×512 and it worked.  Well I can’t have my pictures be 512 so I opened my Catalyst Center for my graphics card (Yes I have an AMD, I have always used an AMD with SL, I have never owned a NVidia and I have NEVER had this issue) and I played around, moved things around, then put them back to the setting I had, and it FINALLY worked.  By this time it was late and I was frustrated and so I felt it was just easier to get to bed and do the post in the morning.

bellawiccaleggings_001So SL and Firestorm decided to play a little game with me.  I danced the macabre dance that many of us are forced to when we are residents of Second Life. I am one of the lucky ones.  I have a fairly good laptop and graphics card and will soon be purchasing a new desktop.  But it made me think of my friends who do this dance every single time they log on. The frustration they feel, especially artists and designers.  Is SL really free?  Yes, it’s free to download, to play, heck you can even get free items, houses, furniture, clothes.  But when we want to escape the frustrations of every day real life and our laptop or desktop from 2009 doesn’t want to cooperate, is the dance really worth it?  Why do we exchange one set of frustrations for another?

Hair – 42 in Blacks (Goth Shade on HUD) – Analog Dog
Eyeshadow – Demon Eyeshadow – Corvus
Face Tat – Dark Smile Tattoo – Corvus
Body Tats – Unafraid Tat – Corvus
Body Bruises – Corvus
Inermis MM13017 : v2 – Letis Tattoo
Collar – Dark Desires Collar (Small) Rigged Mesh – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Cuffs – Dark Metal Cuffs in Dark Silver – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Shirt – Xena Top (Autumn Edition) – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Leggings – Lavinia Leggins in Black/Anthracite – Wicca’s Wardrobe (must be work with SLink HIGH FEET – these are NOT Appliers)
Poses – Pic #1 – Flow #2, Pic #2 – Flutter – Del May

(All items from Wicca’s Wardrobe are Review Copies)

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