Who Are You

As an SL Fashion Blogger is it important to know who you are? This was something I had been thinking about for a long long time.  Why did I go from multiple posts a day to barely 2 posts a month if that?  Why did people continue to want me as a blogger for their brand.  When I started fashion blogging in SL, I was so excited.  But then I was not working in RL and I had the time to spend hours and hours on SL doing gridwide hunts, searching for the best group gifts. I was so SL Starstruck as I call it by the big name SL Designers. I even allowed myself to use my blog as my little soapbox, doing my “unbound” posts.  It was fun.  I was working with or helping creative people with their vision. In a way, I was once again acting, taking direction from the director.

bellagheeice1_001Then I started to work in RL. I also became more involved in the SL High Fashion scene, discovering quickly the dream I had had for a long time – that of an SL Runway Model was NOT for me.  A great quote from the movie Clueless popped into my head “From far away, it’s OK, but up close, it’s a big old mess.”  At least that’s how it appeared to me.  I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to those who did like my work enough to sponsor me or to work with me, but I have been plenty outspoken on my blog about behavior of some. That’s when the shiny wore off. I was no long starstuck.  Yes, I was still in awe and greatly respected the work of a lot of designers, but if I felt that there were also a lot of  backbiting, jealous people, I no longer had an interest in working with or being around them.

I also stopped writing in my blogs.  Why?  It is also something I have thought about over the past year.  It’s cause of HOW I say what I say. I don’t always think of the best way to say something.  Diplomacy has always been a challenge for me.  A lot of it has to do with my learning disability and how it affects my ability to communicate effectively, but I have always hated using that as an excuse. But, still, it’s the way I do communicate, and at a certain point, it was just easier to not say anything than deal with the ims or the other blog posts about what I said.  But I am me, and I have always believed that if someone is a shitty person or has done something shitty, they should be called out on it.  It’s who I am. When it’s done to me I suck it up and reevaluate my behavior. But then again who am I or who is anyone to have the right to do that to someone?

bellagheelazuri_001 So who I am?  I am a blogger who loves to play with filters and wind light settings. I love putting on the amazing clothing from extremely talented people who can do amazing things with their computers. I can’t figure out for the life of me how to have my blog laid out how I like it (I totally regret moving to wordpress) I am outspoken but a HUGE introvert, I am loyal (fiercely and almost to a fault) and I believe when it comes to fashion blogs, or any blog on SL for that matter, they can be whatever you want them to be.  There is no “keep it professional or go home”.  Don’t slander, don’t lie, but stay true to who you are.  Will I lose readers? Maybe.  Will I still get ims and have blog posts written about what I said – I hope so.


At least people will be talking.


Hair – Pipe Dreams in Black – Analog Dog
Jewelry – DolceStella Set – Lazuri (Holiday Group Gift)
Gown – Ruby Ice Gown – Ghee
Poses by Del May

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