Spring Has Sprung


I have so many ideas in my head for blog posts, but I do not know how to put them all down.  I have dropped a majority of my sponsors, instead deciding to blog what I purchase, but alas, I have been highly remiss in doing so.  I can not seem to light a fire my under my own ass to find the passion I once had for blogging.  I don’t know what the matter is with me. Being busier in rl and being an introvert but having a job which requires that I talk to people all day long certainly does take its toll on me.   That being said, one of the few sponsors I did keep was the amazing Gizza Creations.  I opened the box and this adorable cardigan dress comes out.  It comes in many different textures styles and within each texture style you have a hud that can change the color of the outer sweater and the inner dress.  The cute little lace toeless socklettes I found on the MP and are for SLink Feet ONLY (I am wearing them with the high feet).  While i do think they are adorable, I paid 200L for them which looking back, may have been a little on the pricey side (they come in white, off-white and black in the hud) but they are cute nonetheless.

ImageI keep saying you’ll hear more from me, but I honestly don’t know.  I have to find the inspiration the spark.  Something to differentiate me from the myriad of other bloggers out there.  I do not find my own voice to be all that special or interesting when there are so many others who can say exactly what I want to say in a much more eloquent way.

ImageHair – Lily V2 Hair (Pack 1) – Catwa

Eyebrows – Wide Eyebrows Mod 2 in Black – Baiastice

Eyeshadow – Daily Eyeshadow in Green – Mons (MP Link)

Jewelry – Baroque Teardrop V1 – Maxi Gossamer (MP LInk)

Dress – Shirley Cardigan Dress (Blossom Series of Textures) – GizzA Creations

Hands – Elegant 1 and Relaxed – SLink

Feet – High – SLink

Lace Feet Applier for SLink Feet in White – Coepio

Poses by Ma Vie and oOo Studios

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