Jealousy Thy Name Is Woman

New from the mind of Wicca Merlin

New from the mind of Wicca Merlin


Well to say it’s been eventful in SL for me over the past few weeks would be an understatement.  Thrust into situations where we want to do and want to say something but out of respect for those we love and care about we don’t.  Those who follow my Facebook should know what I am talking about and should definitely know how I feel about the actions of certain models, designers and bloggers.  After this incident I took a long hard look at myself and my little corner of the fashion world in sl (it is miniscule) and I decided it really was time to be more true to myself.  I left a majority of my sponsors groups, staying only in those that I truly love and admire.  I also left a group of a hair designer I had long been a fan off, but due to the actions of said designer on fb, I have decided to no longer spend my linden there.  This is my choice, and even if asked I will not divulge the name of said hair designer.  It was during this time, I started to explore stores again in SL, something, sadly I had not done in sometime.  I have been sad about my blogging the past year….mostly cause it felt like a job.  It was no longer fun for me.  HAVING to blog something cause I received it from a sponsor, even if I was not that crazy about it, or I could not give it the attention I felt it deserved.  While I still have a serious lack of linden, I have decided that I work too much in RL to make my SL all about work.  I have my job at PurpleMoon and that is enough for me.  My blog should be a creative outlet for me, and it’s something dear friends (Cao) have been trying to tell me for a long time, but what can I say.  I am stubborn. It finally hit me though, after seeing the jealousy and hypocrisy over the past week.  Do whatever you can, say whatever you can to get yourself in good with whomever you think will further you. The lack of integrity amongst people I once admired make me sick to my stomach.


I had to shake this off.  This feeling of wanting to explode but out of respect to my dear friend who was involved, I sat back and I said nothing (much).  While spending a wonderful day out and about with my best friend, creative dynamo of SL and Owner/Designer of In-Pose, Trinity Graves, I stumbled into Wicca Merlin’s shop Wicca’s Wardrobe.  Wicca Merlin was one of two models who were my inspiration for getting into SL Fashion (the other being Caoimhe Lionheart).  I have always greatly admired Wicca and her talent as a stylist, but now she is designing amazing clothing and shoes for both women and men.  I picked up her newest release, this super sexy mesh corset and sizzling hot leather pants.  They are totally NOT what I would normally wear, normally style, but I am tired of the norm.  I am sure there are people out there who could have styled this in a much more fierce way, in a way these deserve to be styled, but I had a lot of fun doing it.  Fun that I hadn’t had in a long time while styling.


Thing have settled down.  I have a clarity about my SL that I haven’t in a long time and it has made me appreciate what I do have in SL all the more. More so it has made me appreciate those very few people I call TRUE friends in the fashion world all the more.  I have come to realize how lucky I am that I pretty much never have to watch my back for on coming blades.  I am truly lucky.

Hair – Anushka in Black – Emo-tions
Eyebrows – Black Eyebrows – Nuuna
Eyeshadow – Messy Eyeshadow – Corvus
Eyeshadow – Demon Eyeshadow – Corvus
Lipstick – Cold Kiss Lips in Decadent 05 – Glamorize (MP Link)
Earrings – Dark Wing Earrings – Corvus
Posture Collar – Black Fierce Choker – Corvus
Ring – Deathly Silence (Black) Skull Ring – Gizza
Nails – Leather Arrow Nail Appliers for SLink Hands – Moondance Boutique
Cuffs – New Age Arm Parts 1 – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Corset – Skeleton Hands Corset – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Leather Pants – Skeleton Hands Leather Pants – Wicca’s Wardrobe
Shoes – Punk (Avant Garde) in Black – Diktator
Poses – Taken from Wicca Creepy, Halloween Spirit and Lucia di Lammermoor sets  – In-Pose (next door to Wicca’s Wardrobe at Crazy Connection)


2 thoughts on “Jealousy Thy Name Is Woman

  1. *Instantly hugs Bella ” Bella, i really ould feel what you did write there and i guess we all come a cross such a point and then we change some things. I love the pics and you did satisfaction to the Skeleton Hands 😉 . Thank you so much for the nice showcase! ❤

  2. You rocked the look! I remember, To this very day *sigh* looks down at knickers clad arse, the day you so brightly, so naively said “Cao, I am not like you, I prefer to wear gowns” (as a fashion statement) and look at you now Ms “I can do haute couture.” I was so scared you would forever be the Sears catalog prom model for the rest of your life. 😉 You make me proud Bella, you always have. Fierce isn’t fashion, it’s the tough way you love those about you. You are.good people. Xox

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