New LIMITED Edition Gown at GizzA – Chicago Blues

At the GizzA Creations main store is this AMAZING limited edition gown, with a floor length mesh skirt called Chicago Blues…It is simply stunning and as of about 10 minutes ago, there were only 46 copies of this stunning gown left.  FORTY SIX!!!!!!!  So if you love GizzA as much as I do, if you adore having limited edition items from your favorite stores, FLY down to GizzA and purchase one of these stunning gowns, cause once the 46 remaining copies have been sold, that’s it.  They are gone from the grid forever!  

The floor length mesh skirt coupled with the quirky and fun tulle skirt are vintage GizzA.  Classic yet fashion forward.  Whether you are Glam, Classic or Avant Garde, this gown, with it’s stunning silver sweetheart bodice and formal elbow length gloves will please any fashionista. The poses are from the amazing Trinity Graves and her new store In-Pose! and they are from the Stop The Hate set. 

Hair Attachment (including hairbase) – Camille in Midnight Black – Element Hair
Earrings – Heart Flame in White Gold/Black Diamonds – Chop Zuey Couture
Necklace – Heart Flame Necklace in White Gold/Black Diamonds – Chop Zuey Couture
Gown (including Gloves) – Chicago Blues – GizzA Creations (Limited Edition)
Poses – from Stop The Hate set – In-Pose!

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