Baby Baby Baby featuring Gizza, KaTink and LIV-Glam

While I love mesh and the amazing things that you can do with it, there are still somethings that mesh can not do that only flexi prims can. One of them is giving amazing movement to objects.  A prime example is the gorgeous Marleen baby doll dress from GizzA Creations.  I love how this dress moves and I forgot, after wearing mostly mesh for so long, how amazing, when in the right hands, flexi prims can be.  You can’t get more right than the hands of Giz Seorn and Auster Elan.  This dress is just plain fun. It’s fashion forward and yet, still classic. It’s a look that fits almost every single avatar shape there is, from the tall uber thin haute couture models to the “hey my avi is the same height as I am in rl” avi’s, to the sexy curvy BBW avi’s out there (and as a BBW in rl, can I tell you how much I LOVE the baby doll dress). I paired it with these amazing peep toed pumps from LIV-Glam that are HUD controlled and sooooooo easy to use and I can change the shoes to match ANY skin and any outfit I want.  AND the amazing way they are built…they cover the SL Cankles. YAY  This really cute umbrella pose prop is from KaTink. It comes with 4 poses and 4 umbrellas that correspond to the poses.  It’s adorable. I have this thing for umbrellas on sl, I love them. I don’t use them in my styling a lot but I have way too many.  The hair is the subscribo gift from Truth Hairs and is a cute mesh boy cut. I did experiment with the tooth showing look (I found an alpha on the marketplace by r.icielli when I decided my inventory was starting to look TOO organized and just bought a bunch of great stuff that was priced 0L-10L). I’m not sure how I feel about the teeth showing, but hey, it’s SL.  Stranger things have happened here than seeing an avi’s teeth. The first two poses are from one of my favorite new pose stores on SL – Ovation Poses.

 Hair – Sam in Crow – Truth Hairs (Subscribo Gift)
Eyelashes – Long Lashes Cat – Nikita Fride
Eyeliner – Cat (red) – Mons/Make-up 
Teeth – Teeth Alpha – R.icielli
Jewelry – Marrakesh Set – Finesmith Jewelry
Dress – Marleen in Red – GizzA Creations
Shoes – Stella Eclipse Open Toed Mesh Pumps (color change) – LIV-Glam
Poses (Pictures 1 & 2) – Jennise Set – Ovation Poses
(Pictures 3 & 4) – Rain On My Parade – Pose Prop – KaTink! Poses and More

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