Back To My Roots – PurpleMoon Creations Elwing Gown to Celebrate 17,000 Members

Joining in world groups for stores normally has some perks, even if there is a small one time fee to join those groups.  PurpleMoon Creations, in my opinion, offers not only some of the best clothing on the grid, but offers the best group gifts. (The group costs only 50L to join).  This gorgeous gold gown, called Elwing, is being released today by PurpleMoon Creations to celebrate 17,000 members in the In World Group.  Poulet has outdone herself.  She shows the same amazing quality in her gifts as she does in her full priced items. I put this gorgeous diaphanous gold gown on and I immediately tped to the one place on SL I knew could match it’s elegance and opulence…The Gates of the Palace of Versailles.  While I did not wear them, this gown does come with a nude nipple covering layer for those who feel a bit modest.  Please also note that the gown does not come with the headpiece or the gloves (the headpiece I made by copying the rose prim attachment at my waist and placing it on my head).  The gloves I pulled from PurpleMoon’s Pheasant Gown in Gold.

  Hair – Magdalene in Pitch – LeLutka
Eyelashes – Long Lashes Cat – Nikita Fride
Earrings – Venice Earrings in Gold/Old Gold – PurpleMoon Creations
Gloves – taken from Pheasant Gown in Gold – PurpleMoon Creations
Shoes – Illusions XTreme Heels in Gold – N-Core
Poses from Ovation Poses

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