Introducing….KaTink (with a little help from Vanity Hair and PurpleMoon Creations)

It’s always sad when one of your favorite stores on SL goes away.  BUT it’s always a happy occasion when it comes back.   Props N Poses for Photography has always been one of the best stores in SecondLife for poses, props and wonderful amazing backdrops for your SL photography/modeling needs. Those of us in the in world group also know AnneMarit Jarvinen as one of the MOST generous store owners in SL…constantly giving out group gifts and freebies to her members.  Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond Marit’s control, PNP was forced to close its doors earlier this week.  BUT….. Marit & her AMAZING team of builders, pose makers and photographers ARE back now with a brand new store, brand new logo, SAME EXACT amazing quality of product under the name KaTink!  Two of the props I use in this post are from KaTink.  The first I was lucky enough to grab during the Summer Harvest Hunt when Marit and her team were still operating under the PNP banner.  It’s called “Picking Apples”.  Now, according to Marit, this item will become available again to hunters…just aren’t sure when as they are still getting everything sorted.  The second is a prop that will soon be for sale at KaTink called “For The Love of SL”.  It is an adorable room prop with 2 walls missing (so you can get that great shadow effect if you want) and comes with 5 separate poses inside of it.  I am featuring 3 of them. 

The top and jeans I am wearing are from PurpleMoon Creations and it is the hunt gift for the FabFree in SL hunt, celebrating 5 years of the FabFree in SL group.  The hair is the newest from Vanity Hairs and it is called Tubular Bells.  I am finding that I am developing a very sick obession with Vanity Hair as I panic if a new one comes out and I do not have the lindens to get it.  If you join the Vanity Hair in world group (300L) you not only get AMAZING monthly group gifts, but if you wear the tag while shopping at the inworld store (must be in world, not on the marketplace) you get 30% off all new releases!!!!! (You pay full price and the 30% is automatically refunded to you).  Ok Enough talking Bella…show the dang pictures already!!!

Hair – Tubular Bells in Jet Black (Mesh) – Vanity Hairs
Outfit – FabFree Top & Skinny Jeans (both Mesh) – PurpleMoon Creations (FabFree Hunt Item)
Shoes – Beads Sandals (Mesh) – *Slave*
Props – “Picking Apples” (pic 1) – KaTink Summer Harvest Hunt Item (will be available again soon)
“For The Love of SL” Pics 3-6 – KaTink

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