The House of Elliott — Just….WOW

I have been drooling over the House of Elliott designs since I found out about the new and innovative fashion house.  In the process I have found a wonderful friend in Virlay (Zaryna Resident) the designer.  These looks are inspired by some of the hottest RL designs and all feature in some way Virlay’s signature…a lion’s head…and let me tell you, that is totally appropriate… These designs are BEYOND fierce.  These designs are NOT for those who just want the typical SL fashion fair.  These looks are unique, innovative and just HOT.  I chose to feature two looks. The Golden Gown and the Dior Pantsuit.  I paired them with hair from Vanity and from Boon.  I also met recently one of the most charming men on sl, Abso Zlatkis of Beauty Addict.  Well he showed me his Nailsology 2.0 HUD and nails. and DAMN.  These nails are AMAZING.  They are prim, hud controlled and there are OVER 20 colors you can change your nails to…including french tips in more colors than there are in the spectrum, plus nail art.  These nails comes with about 5 nail bases so that you can easily match to your skin tone.  These nails are amazing.

A special thanks to my amazing friend Selina Graycloud.  She gifted me those insane heels that I am wearing with the Dior Pantsuit…when I say INSANE heels, I mean I had to change my height offset to 0.30 in order for the entire platform to show.   all in all, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun styling.   Thank you to all the amazing designers who made that possible.

 Hair – Cohimbra HP in Jet Black – Vanity Hairs
Hairbase – Gathered Raised Hairbase in Black – BooN
Nails – Nailsology 2.0 Nails by Abso Zlatkis (Beauty Addict)
Gown – Golden Gown in Red/Gold – House of Elliott

Hair – OBL161 in Black – BooN
Hairbase – Gathered Raised Hairbase in Black – BooN
Nails – Nailsology 2.0 Nails by Abso Zlatkis (Beauty Addict)
Outfit – Dior Pantsuit in Black and White – House of Elliott
Shoes – Jinny Extreme H.Heels – Debrah’s



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