Goodbye Summer – GizzA Style

Pretty soon, summer will be coming to an end (unless you live in a tropical climate like I do, then it never freakin’ goes away).  That familiar chill will be in the air, the leaves will change from shade of green to orange, red, yellow and brown. The smell of people’s chimneys will permeate the air as they light their fireplaces to keep that chill at bay.  BUT it’s not over yet.  There is still a few more weeks of warm weather, and GizzA Creations has created a gorgeous spaghetti strapped full skirt maxi dress that would be perfect for one of the last days at the beach, those days when the water is too chilly but the sand is perfectly warm and comforting between your naked toes. Just slip on a sweater at night while sitting in front of the bonfire with your hunka hunka burning love.  I love the watercolor texturing of this gorgeous dress. It’s bright without being in your face, but it will definitely make all eyes go to you when you walk into the room. 

 Hair – Eva in Black – CatWa
Dress – Goodbye Summer in Aqua – GizzA Creations
Poses – PNP and Ovation Poses
Background – Eternal Sanctum Sim (Age Verification Required)

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