GizzA Vintage Male Tuxedo – Vintage Fair

The Vintage Fair is going on for two more days (I believe until August 24th, 2012) and I have to admit I have been absolutely amazed at the wonderful designs this time around. I thought nothing could beat last times Vintage Fair, boy was I wrong.  GizzA had a gorgeous black dress, called Elegant Steps for women, but it was the male item, a stunning black tuxedo that I have chosen to blog….and not in a male avatar.  I headed down to the Chicago 1920’s Sim and it’s wonderful jazz club The Flume to blog this outfit.  I felt so bad ass in it, reminiscent of Marlene Dietrich and so sexy.  I am gonna make a bold comment, that if this tux looks this good on me, it’s going to look 100x hotter on any male out there. I had a lot of fun taking these pictures and yes, I am using a photo editing program ONLY to play around with the overall color and tone of the pictures. I do not touch the clothing.

 Hair – Smoking Jacket – Vanity Hairs
Nails – Scarlet Manicure 1FA Mesh Nails – Leverocci
Tuxedo (Hat included) – Vintage Tuxedo – GizzA Creations (Vintage Fair 2012)
Shoes – Noir Intense Ultraplatform – N-Core
Extra – Modeling Chair – Diesel Works

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