Back with a Vengeance!! A & A/Glam Affair at TDR/TDR Blue

WOW.  What a month.  I finally got my new laptop back from the store….and I also got the graphics card issues sorter, so I am running on SL on high graphics and let me tell you it feels awesome to be back and blogging again.  Thank you to my amazing friends and designers who have supported me during this time and didn’t kick me off their blog lists/groups.

I wanted to just start with something light and fun and since I have not been able to move never mind shop on SL for the past month almost…i stopped by the dressing room and the dressing room blue and bought…well…basically everything in both stores.   Here we go!!!! This will be multiple posts, because some of the outfits at TDR and TDR Blue this cycle are just so amazing and deserve their own posts.

This next look almost made me break out my crossbow.  It’s Hunger Games meets Avatar.

 Hair – Irene in Black – Boudoir
Skin – Leah Fantasy Line – Glam Affair for TDR Blue
Outfit – Sindi Overal Grey – A & A Fashion for TDR
Shoes – Ultra Platform Noir Intense – N-Core.

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