Update on Bella’s Bitching Computer Issues

Well just a little update.  After my last laptop went crashing to the ground, I was able to get a brand new spanking laptop that night.  And i hated it.  LOL gorgeous machine, samsung series 7 chronos….8 gig ram, 750 gig dual hard drive, dual graphics card…and i hated it.  So i had planned on taking it back to the store the monday after easter.  welll….i live in florida…and i sit on the porch when i am on sl, because i smoke ciggies (I know…baaad bella) and I can not smoke in the house.  So…i walked out of the porch for about 20 minutes to go talk to my amazing wonderful rl mother who is letting me stay with her until I can get back on my rl tootsies financially.  

Well there were really high winds that night…..so when I came back out on to the porch, what do i find….i find that the high winds had FLUNG a paper cup full of coffee about 3 feet right onto my bran new laptop….ugh.  Thankfully i  coughed up the 100 extra bucks and bought the “You drop it, you spill on it, you punch it in an epic fit of nerd rage and we will fix it/replace it” warranty.  Well, now the laptop is in the shop and currently waiting for the parts to be delivered…which can happen anytime between now and Christmas apparently (that’s sarcasm).

“But Bella…you are posting now, and some people have seen you on SL”  Yes…true…My once again amazing mother lets me use her laptop at night after she goes to bed….her amazing laptop that has the same exact specs as my first laptop that took a tumble and got a broken screen….EXCEPT for the graphics card…there basically is none.  So I am on sl, on a new tpv that was just approved and works well with computers that can’t handle heavy graphics and I am also running sl on LOW graphics and lagging like a bitch”.  I, believe it or not, take all my blog pictures just on mid graphics.  I forgot what a difference there is between low and mid graphics. You can not take good blog pictures on low graphics.  and if i go to mid graphics, i crash…hard.

So. that is my story.  
I need to thank some people for being so amazing.  The designers I blog for…Thank you for not kicking me off your blog lists and understanding.  My co workers at PurpleMoon Creations for being so amazing, same with my Bloodlines clan family and friends.  Lastly, Poulet Koenkamp and her amazing Husband Martin414 Timeless who spent HOURS with me the first night I got the new laptop that is now in the shop trying to help me figure out wtf i had this kickass computer and i couldn’t run sl (turns out, one of the flaws in the laptop is that you can not manually switch over from one graphics card to another blergh).  I hope to be back blogging sl’s hottest fashions again soon.  Just a little update. I miss doing this soooo much.

Much love
Belladonna Wexhome

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