Bella is out of commission for a while

My cat knocked over my laptop.  And since you can not run SL with decent graphics on a netbook (I tried). Looks like this blog will be out of commission for possibly as long as a few weeks unless the money fairy decides to pay me a visit.  I will be back up and running again as soon as I am able to either get a new laptop or get a screen replaced (it’s a 2 year old sony vaio….don’t know whether its worth it to just get the screen replaced or to get a new laptop entirely
i present to you what happens when a 25lb one eyed manx cat named moxy knocks over a Sony Vaio….it’s not pretty

As you can see the thing turns on…..but i see nada. when i can steal my mom’s lappy or post from my phone…I will keep you all abreast of the situation.  Stay classy Second Life (yes i just watched anchorman)

Love always

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