Santa Baby from Boudoir

Well it was my birthday this past Thursday and a dear friend of mine got me the best gift one can get a girl…linden.  So I went on a little shopping spree.  Of course I hit up my faves like The Dressing Room, TDRBlue, Tropical Bazaar and the Fashion Garret and all those amazing places where you can get the most amazing deals on the most amazing clothes, but I also decided to splurge for myself as well. I always said if you can afford to buy items at full price you should to support the amazing designers on SL.  Well, I had my clan Christmas Party to go to today, and I was even singing Santa Baby to my King (GULPS, talk about nerve wracking).  So when I saw this outfit at Boudoir, aptly named Santa Baby. I had to get it. I love it. I have said in previous posts that I adore the steampunk look and this had it in spades.  It is amazingly detailed (the skirt is over 200 prims).  And we all know how much i love hats!!  I got so many compliments on this outfit, I knew it was well worth the linden. I also picked up this great hair, called Daphne from Boudoir as well.  I also added some pictures of me and a couple of dear friends of mine from the christmas party…Merlin Swordthain as Santa (my King) and his naughty elfie, the amazing Ms. Rune Draegonne and some of the amazingly sexy ladies of the Eternally Embrace Vampire Horde.

 Hair – Daphne in Black – Boudoir
Skin – Layla Light Skin – My Sweet Vampire – Glam Affair
Lipstick – Red 3 – L.Fauna
Eyelashes – Lush Asian 1 – Eye Candi
Outfit (Hat and Shoes Included) – Santa Baby – Boudoir 

 Eternal Baroness Belladonna Wexhome and Eternal King Merlin Swordthain

 Baroness Bella and (from left) BabyGirl Deanimator, Kitten Artemesia and Eternal Princess Inaya Rajal

 Bella and Eternal Mentor Rune Draegonne

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