A Country Christmas from artMEfashion

Now this look is completely and totally different from anything I have blogged in the past, but it was so adorable that I couldn’t pass it up.  These two dresses are from artMefashion and just remind me of a down home country Christmas (I grew up listening to Dolly Parton, leave me alone). They come with the shoes and the jewelry and are just perfect to wear when going caroling this Christmas time. The gown also has a skirt just for taller avi’s YAY!!

 Hair – Black Hair Xmas Gift 2010 – Mayden Couture
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – [ glow ]
Jewelry – Xmas 2011 Earrings and Necklace – artMefashion
Gown (Pics 1 & 2) – Xmas 2011 Gown – artMefashion
Dress (Pic 3) – Xmas 2011 Fur Dress – artMefashion
Shoes – Xmas 2011 Pumps – artMefashion

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