GizzA Creations Peace on Earth Hunt 4 Item

One of the BIGGEST hunts on the grid is back.  The Peace on Earth 4 Hunt.  This hunt last year was HUGE with over 200 shops participating.  This year, GizzA Creations, one of the most fabulous high end fashion forward shops in SL is offering this absolute adorable outfit (shoes not included, but also available from GizzA Creations)  It’s a sexy suede jacket, jeans and the gorgeous amber bead necklace. I am a horrible terrible blogger who spent the past 4 days writing a paper on the different legal forms of business for my Business Law class for my MBA so I am not sure exactly when the hunt starts (I am going to assume it’s December 1st which is tomorrow) but do NOT quote me on it.

The one thing I have to say about this outfit, it is one of the most unique and creative ways I have seen the system skirt layer used and after seeing this, I don’t understand why more designers don’t do it.  Instead of the bottom of the jacket being a prim piece, it is the SL System Skirt layer.  It is BRILLIANT.  I didn’t have to fight with the prim to make sure it covered my ass and didn’t break through so my jeans were showing and the fact that the system skirt layer naturally poofs out, it gives the look of a tailored jacket. It moves naturally with my avi!! Giz, you are a GENIUS.

 Hair – Valerie in Crow – Truth Hairs
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Extra Large – Eye Candi
Outfit (Including Necklace)- Peace on Earth Special – GizzA Creations (POE 4 Hunt)
Boots – Wedge Boots in Giraffe – GizzA Creations



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