Unbound Post – Miamai and a Dare

I love this dress from Miamai, and it is not something I wear normally. I didn’t blog it cause I bought it so long after it came out.  Well, my fabulous friend, Misteli Nightfire (you should IM her in world and say Hi) dared me to not only blog it, but to do it with a picture of her and of my stuffed wombat. So here we go. A fabulous dress from Miamai and my fabulous friend Misteli (seriously IM her)

Hair – Delora B& W – Magika
Skin – Layla Light Skin – My Sweet Vampire – GLAM AFFAIR
Lipstick – 2.0 Lipstick (Black) – L.Fauna
Jewelry – Simple Nipple Piercing Ring – Smiles Craft
Dress – Rapt – Miamai (Black Label Collection)
Extras – Bungy the Wombat, Misteli Nightfire (courtesy of Down Under)


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