Chantkare’s Dali Gown for The Fashion Garrett

This gown has left me at a loss for words.  It is simply stunning with its fitted bodice and it’s gorgeous sculpted skirt.  AND it’s at the Fashion Garrett…which means you are NOT going to be paying full price for it.  Another amazing outfit from Applo at Chantkare and the Fashion Garrett. I paired it up with the Moon Flower Pearl set from Addiction Jewerly (not available at TFG, but still worth every penny). 

And just to answer a question about some things that people have asked me.  A lot of the times you will see me wearing the same hairs over and over again, or the same eyelashes…the same skin (Even though, one day soon apparently you will be seeing me in a new skin as sissy Inaya thinks it’s time for me to get a new one and my RL birthday is coming up in December).  well the fact is, I am picky.  LOL  I am picky and still on a budget.  The hairs and lashes i do own I spend lots of linden on.  I am a believer of it’s not broke, don’t fix it. My eyes are almost 2 years old, from Beauty Avatar (now Glam Affair) and the reason I still wear them is that I have no found a pair of violet eyes out there that I like just as much as these.  Plain and simple.  Just cause something is not BRAND new doesn’t mean it’s bad or outdated.   The classics never go out of style.

Hair Attachment – Dax in Black – PurpleMoon Creations
Hairbase – Tattooed Hairbase in Noire (Darker) – Vanity Hairs
Eyelashes – Lush Extra Large – Eye Candy
Jewelry – Moon Flower Pearl Set – Addiction Jewelry
Gown – Dali in Black – Chantkare (for The Fashion Garrett)

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