Vintage Fair Steampunk Style from GizzA Creations

I was FINALLY able to get into the Vintage Fair this morning!! YAY. Me and my fabulous friend Misteli went in and we were able to look around a bit before the lag monster caught us.  Then we just spent a good hour laughing as our avatars were doing the slow motion Baywatch Run trying to move from store to store. I must thank Misteli for being so generous and buying me two pose packs available at the fair from oOo Studio. The poses used in this post are from the 1940’s themed pose pack.  This look, simply titled Steampunk Outfit is one of the amazing offerings from the always unique GizzA Creations.  When I first came onto SL, the first “Look” I had was steampunk.  No I didn’t hang out on the steampunk sims, but I did absolutely love the mixture of old and new, the bustles, the sexy corsets, the garters (Check out my smexy knees in the below shots).

GizzA takes Steampunk in SL to a whole new level.  This outfit is AMAZING.  It can be worn so many different ways and the kick ass boots come with it!!  The Vintage Fair is on for a few more days, so I would suggest tping your butts over there, suck up the lag and get to shopping!!!  Who knows if these outfits will be available after the fair!

Hair – Summer in Emo Black –
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Outfit (Including Boots) – Steampunk Outfit (Female) – GizzA Creations (2011 Vintage Fair Offering)
Poses – 1940s Pose Pack – oOo Studio (2011 Vintage Fair Offering)

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