Lucretia from ::{Favole}::

Every once in a while, through one of the blogger groups I belong to in world, I will discover a new shop.  This time it is ::{Favole}::.  The entire look, hair, dress, boots and wings are all from this store and i just have to say I can not begin to count the number of compliments i have gotten since i put this on.  It’s simply stunning.  It’s sexy, it’s dark, it’s romantic, it’s feminine.  The boots….and i am a die hard Bax Coen girl…to me nothing has compared to Bax boots…well these boots have!! They are uber hot and sexy platform boots.  I’m 7’2″ barefoot in sl (sorry, i make no apologies for being an Amazon…if i wanted to be 5’4″ I would stay logged into RL a whole lot more), these boots are SIX INCH STILETTO’S and they are OMG to DIE FOR.  I don’t normally go around sporting a non human look (wings, tails, ears that aren’t human) but these wings are just gorgeous and they do NOT cause me to lag at all (they are not scripted to hell and back). Each item is sold separately.

Hair – Nuit Cute Updo – ::{Favole}::
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Clean Thick 04 – Eye Candi
Dress – Lucretia – ::{Favole}::
Wings – Wrath – ::{Favole}::
Boots – Crypt – ::{Favole}::

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