Fabulousness from Amarelo Manga

I should have posted this all a month ago.  But alas, RL got the best of me.  I started grad school at the end of August, 13 years after getting my undergrad degree, and let’s just say it kicked my butt (Especially since my undergrad was in Theatre and I decided to go for my Masters in Business Administration).  It’s been amazing and wonderful being back in school (yes, I am a nerd) but hard getting back into the swing of things (I have diagnosed Adult AD/HD). Yet, I love this blog and have missed it.  Time management under control again, this blog is back in full force.  

These next few looks are from the amazing Amarelo Manga and aren’t completely new, but still amazing.  The first is this amazing gorgeous gown. I adore the fit and flare/mermaid look, something that I can NOT wear in RL due to drawing a genetic short straw of my Italian and Ukrainian heritage (I am built to breed and carry large baskets of bread on my head). Ohhhh the glory of SL.  I simply adore the sculpted and flexi dramatic scarf of this outfit, reminiscent of the amazing Isadora Duncan

Hair Attachment – Dax in Black – PurpleMoon Creations
Hairbase – Tattooed Hairbase in Noir (Darker) – Vanity Hairs
Skin – Martina Glow Skin in Fair – LAQ
Eyelashes – Lush Asian 2 – Eye Candi
Earrings – Glass Set Earrings in Black – [ glow ] Studio
Dress – Red Life Gown in Black – Amarelo Manga
Gloves – Black Gloves from the Carmen Gown – PurpleMoon Creations

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